sternenbacio (sternenbacio) wrote in precure,

My Honey~

(「ハニーちゃん2」 by 「itaoka1」)

Free For All Friday!
1.) There's no set topic.
2.) All things having to do with Precure are encouraged. Discussion, questions, fanart, fanfics, etc.
3.) As the rules of the community say: Play nice. No drama!
4.) No porn. Somewhat questionable images like pantyshots are okay but
please only link to them instead of posting them straight to the thread,
and include a warning.
5.) Please also link to large images instead of posting them straight to the thread.
6.) Please provide the best sources for the fanart you post that you can.
The best possible source is the artist's own website, if they have one.
Tags: *fanart, discussion
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