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Precure Spring Carnival Review

This is Precure All Stars Spring Carnival Review.

This review is only applicable to those who had watched this movie in Japan, as well as those doesn't really care of the spoiler matter (actually Toei had spoiled almost the whole movie, only that it is not in order). If you think that this review will spoil your mood of watching this movie, I recommend you to read it in July after you download or buy the DVD of this movie.

I repeat it again, it is a great spoiler to the movie. Please consider carefully before collapse the lj-cut content.
The warning words will be changed and the review will be updated in July.

You may ask me why I choose to write it now, even I still haven't finish other reviews....Firstly, it is because I just watched last week, I would like to write the review when I remember the scenes. Secondly, it won't be a very lengthy review that I can manage to finish it within my 5-day public holidays.
I will write the review based on the trailers and movie ops.
If you had read my GPPC ep 9 review carefully, I leave a keyword "Precure Music Station". This keyword is also the main reason that Toei only shows the movie op for 3 weeks.
What is Music Station? I think showing this clip can help you understand (please ignore the Chinese narration):

After you get the idea of Music Station, you probably understand the genre of this movie. Yes, it is a musical film. According to the Original Soundtrack list which curefortune posts earlier, the songs are presented in the following order:

作詞 - 青木久美子 / 作曲 - 高取ヒデアキ / 編曲 - 籠島裕昌 / 歌 - うちやえゆか
「You make me happy!」
作詞 - 六ツ見純代 / 作曲 - marhy / 編曲 - 亀山耕一郎 / 歌 - 林ももこ
作詞 - 実ノ里 / 作曲 - 高取ヒデアキ / 編曲 - 斎藤悠弥 / 歌 - 吉田仁美
「プリキュア5、フル・スロットル GO GO!」
作詞 - 只野菜摘 / 作曲 - 間瀬公司 / 編曲 - 家原正樹 / 歌 - 工藤真由 with ぷりきゅあ5
作詞 - 六ツ見純代 / 作曲 - 高取ヒデアキ / 編曲 - 籠島裕昌 / 歌 - 池田彩
「DANZEN! ふたりはプリキュア(Ver. Max Heart)」
作詞 - 青木久美子 / 作曲 - 小杉保夫 / 編曲 - 佐藤直紀 / 歌 - 五條真由美
作詞 - 井上美緒 / 作曲 - 高取ヒデアキ / 編曲 - 籠島裕昌 / 歌 - オドレン(中田敦彦)・ウタエン(藤森慎吾)
作詞 - 利根川貴之 / 作曲:Dr.Usui / 編曲 - Dr.Usui&Wicky.Recordings / 歌 - 吉田仁美
作詞 - 青木久美子 / 作曲 - 小杉保夫 / 編曲 - 家原正樹、歌 - うちやえゆか with Splash Stars
「ワンダフル↑パワフル↑ミュージック!! 」
作詞 - 六ツ見純代 / 作曲 - 高取ヒデアキ、編曲 - 籠島裕昌 / 歌 - 池田彩
「パーティ ハズカム」
作詞 - 只野菜摘 / 作曲 - ヒザシ / 編曲 - 古川貴浩 / 歌 - 吉田仁美
作詞 - 青木久美子 / 作曲 - 高取ヒデアキ / 編曲 - 籠島裕昌 / 歌 - プリキュアオールスターズ
作詞 - マイクスギヤマ / 作曲 - 山本清香 / 編曲 - 多田彰文 / 歌:北川理恵

Basically, after Precure travels to Harmonia kingdom by various transports like the trailer:

and GPPC meet HaCha...

GPPC: Nice to meet you! (ごきげんよう)
HaCha never expect to meet such a polite group...Yuuko and Iona feel ashamed and greet politely. Megumi and Hime just feel shocked...but I think Hime should be used to it since she is a real princess.

The villain, Odoren and Utaen welcome them in Music Station basis. The routine of the program is:
1. Before the performance-

All Precure are introduced by the hosts-Odoren and Utaen, with their catchphrase, such as Saki's "in full spirits!"

2. MV such as ...
 Left: SS OP
Right: FPC ED

3. Precure interview

After the Precure group performance, they will be interviewed like Music Station did.
Step 2 and 3 are repeating as the routine until Precure realise there is something wrong in the kingdom.
My review will follow the song sequence. The first song I would like to review is this one:

作詞 - 青木久美子 / 作曲 - 高取ヒデアキ / 編曲 - 籠島裕昌 / 歌 - うちやえゆか

This song is sung by SS OP singer, and here is the lyrics:いち.に.の39(サンキュー)
1,2,1,2,1,2, and 3.9.(Thank you)
サン・サン・サンキュー ありがとね!
Thank, Thank, Thank you, Thank you!
(3.9. (Thank you) Fairies)

Whenever we fall,
and we are depressed,
They are always be with us

When we have trouble,
They will come straightaway,
and give full supports

小さいけれど (いち.に.の39(サンキュー))
They are small (1,2, and 3.9.(Thank you))
大きな存在 (39(サンキュー)フェアリーズ)
but they have a big sense of presence (3.9. (Thank you) Fairies)
Even we are apart, we still can contact with one another.いち.に.の39(サンキュー)
1,2,1,2,1,2, and 3.9.(Thank you)
サン・サン・サンキュー ありがとね!
Thank, Thank, Thank you, Thank you!いち・に・の39(サンキュー)
1,2,1,2,1,2, and 3.9.(Thank you)
今日もどうぞ よろしくね!
Please also guide us today!

Thank you, fairies!
3.9. (Thank you) Fairies

As you can see from the lyrics, this song is sung for thank you fairies. It is also the theme of Precure performance. Precure sing and dance to thank fairies, that is why....

The audience of Precure Music Station are fairies!

By having the theme of "thank you fairies", I had given a like to this movie already. After DX series, the mascots' roles are reduced seriously, only focus on the current ones. Even the current ones, their roles are not much as well. Honestly, without Umezawa, the mascots have a silver lining...The word 39 is a pun of "Thank you", but I don't think they name 39 without any reason...let's see if there are 39 fairies in the Precure history.

MH: Mepple, Mipple, Porun, Rurun (4)
SS: Flappi, Choppi, Mupu, Fupu (4)
PC5GG: Coco, Nuts, Milk, Syrup (4)
FPC: Chiffon, Tarte (2)
HCPC: Chypre, Coffret, Potpourri, Coupe (4)
SPC: Hummy, Fairy tones x 8 (9)
SmPC: Candy, Pop (2)
DDPC: Shalulu, Rachel, Lance, Davi, Ai-Chan (5)
HaCha: Ribbon, Glasun, PhanPhan (3)
GPPC: Aroma, Puff (2)


Hence, the "Thank you" is mainly referred to these 39 fairies.
In the MV, movie characters also appears, please have a look when you obtain the movie.
The song is very cute, and it does delivers the gratitude to fairies strongly. It is a delicate MV for mascots.
Oh yes, movie characters can be seen in this fairy MV as well.

The following songs are OP or ED of the series. The MV content is either daily life, flashback (but the flashbacks are new scenes) or fans service.

Next song is this one:

「You make me happy!」
作詞 - 六ツ見純代 / 作曲 - marhy / 編曲 - 亀山耕一郎 / 歌 - 林ももこ


As we know, it is FPC ED. How I describe the MVs? by the following grading:
Daily life (from 0-5, 5 is the highest): 4
Flashback (from 0-5, 5 is the highest): 3
Fans Service (from 0-5, 5 is the highest): 2

and my rating will be graded by the following subjects:
1. Impressiveness (from 1-5, 5 is the highest): 3
2. Song Match (from 1-5, 5 is the highest): 2
3. Interesting (from 1-5, 5 is the highest): 3

You may think I give such grade because I am not very interested in FPC....um... I enjoy watching Westar and Soular in the MV actually, but to the whole MV, it just looks nostaglic. If talking about fans service...as there are very strong one below, this MV definitely loses to it. Also, Eas...if she is the main character for fans service...I don't think it is enough... The song is called you make me happy right? but what are the scenes above? They are gloomy...

To me, this MV is fine, but not the most excellent one.

Next one is ....

作詞 - 実ノ里 / 作曲 - 高取ヒデアキ / 編曲 - 斎藤悠弥 / 歌 - 吉田仁美


Daily life : 0 (it is a birthday party for Candy)
Flashback : 1 ( in wiki, it said that this is a flashback, but it doesn't look like to me.)
Fans Service: 0

This MV is quite unique from others...and my rating is :
1. Impressiveness: 5
2. Song Match: 4
3. Interesting: 4

I grade like this because the MV actually matches the theme (39 fairies) more than the song. Even it is neither daily life nor fans service, or not flashback, the MV itself is very meaningful.

After these two songs, Odoren and Utaen interviews FPC and SmPC groups


Please take note on Setsuna when you watch the movie. She is talking about Labyrinth after the series (not much though).
For SmPC group, if I am correct, they just talk about how Candy is important to them.

Next three are our main dishes! The first one is...

「プリキュア5、フル・スロットル GO GO!」
作詞 - 只野菜摘 / 作曲 - 間瀬公司 / 編曲 - 家原正樹 / 歌 - 工藤真由 with ぷりきゅあ5

I manage to get their stage performance from the trailer..


To thank Coco, Nozomi dances with him. (Please remember in YPC5 ep 26, Coco had invited her to dance with him)


Please wear sunglasses for this MV XD they are sparkling~(esp. the pink wall around CocoNozo)

Daily life : 3 (half of it...)
Flashback : 0
Fans Service: 5

What are my ratings for this sparkling MV?
1. Impressiveness: 5 (should be more than that, CocoNozo shines a lot...)
2. Song Match: 3
3. Interesting: 5

Again, it matches the theme more than the song....this MV is a promotion of NutsKoma, CocoNozo and ShiroUra for sure...NutsKoma is nothing special, just look at each other. However, for ShiroUra...there is such similar scene appeared:

This is the pencil sketch I previously drew for ShiroUra. In the MV, Syrup catches Urara with princess hug like this (but Syrup's expression is confident smile). cure_shabon, ready for scream XDD

Next song is ...

作詞 - 六ツ見純代 / 作曲 - 高取ヒデアキ / 編曲 - 籠島裕昌 / 歌 - 池田彩


Daily life : 5
Flashback : 4
Fans Service: 2

and my rating is...
1. Impressiveness: 3
2. Song Match: 3
3. Interesting: 4

Although I can see a Yuri/Moonlight's flashback, it is just a normal daily MV to me. However, Erika's expression make the MV more interesting.

the next one is...

「DANZEN! ふたりはプリキュア(Ver. Max Heart)」
作詞 - 青木久美子 / 作曲 - 小杉保夫 / 編曲 - 佐藤直紀 / 歌 - 五條真由美


Daily life : 5
Flashback : 0
Fans Service: 3

My rating:
1. Impressiveness: 2
2. Song Match: 5
3. Interesting: 3

The only MV matches the song so far...because this MV looks like another MH OP...not really impressive as I only remember their fighting scene and their interaction with the mascots.

After these song, these Precure groups have a interview again.

In MH group, Mepple is the only mascot who can speak...why? well, because Nagisa grumbles on him.
As for YPC5 and HCPC group, they are talking about Ikemen...
Erika: to Tsubomi, you think that Coupe is the most handsome one, right?
Tsubomi: but to Nozomi-san, Coco-san is the most handsome, others also think that their partners are handsome.
then Urara and Komachi are blushed!!

but to be honest...even Syrup is more handsome than Coupe....

By the way, why these series, including SS, are presented as OP songs? Firstly, it shows that Toei mainly sells these to attract old Precure fans. Secondly, they don't want to remake the dance footage for MH-PC5GG ED1. Thirdly, MH-PC5GG ED1 are already good MVs. How about HCPC? I think it is just because Mizuki Nana had sung on Kohaku Singing Battle, making the song more famous...

The next song is....

作詞 - 井上美緒 / 作曲 - 高取ヒデアキ / 編曲 - 籠島裕昌 / 歌 - オドレン(中田敦彦)・ウタエン(藤森慎吾)

Wait! It is not Precure song!! What is this? This is the song for Odoren and Utaen. This song is about their theft legend.


The lyrics is here:
The stupid and silly Precure!
not knowing that they are dancing on my hands!
オレ様は盗賊! たとえ国でも盗んじまう
I am the thief! who even can steal a country!
ハルモニアはすでに オレ様の物ってわけだ
Harmonia will be my belonging soon!
そう すべてはアニキの作戦!
(Utaen) Yes! All are the strategies thought by Brother (Odoren)
Yes! For the sake of defeating Precure!

踊れ!歌え! 宝はすぐそこ
Dance! Sing! The treasure is near to us!
オドレンとウタエン ふたりは盗賊
Odoren and Utaen, we are thieves!

(Utaen) When we are doing bad things
(Utaen) those busybodies like Precure should not disturb!
Hence, challenging them (Precure) face to face
is a silly thing! It is because I am
(Utaen)Actually, you are just weak...
What have you said?
だー! なんか出ちゃうっスー!
(Utaen)Da---! Something is comeing out!

踊れ!歌え! 宝はすぐそこ
Dance! Sing! The treasure is near to us!
オドレンとウタエン ニヒルな盗賊
Odoren and Utaen, nihilistic thieves!

変身できなきゃ プリキュアもただの小娘
If they can't transform, Precure are only normal girls
which means?
変身アイテムを 盗んじまえばプリキュアなんざ
By stealing their transformation device, Precure is
not scary at all!!
さすがっス アニキ!
(Utaen)You are brilliant, Brother!
huhuhuhuhuhu (laughter of Odoren)

踊れ!歌え! 宝はすぐそこ
Dance! Sing! The treasure is near to us!
オドレンとウタエン ふたりは盗賊
Odoren and Utaen, we are thieves!

踊れ!歌え! 勝利はすぐそこ
Dance! Sing! The treasure is near to us!
オドレンとウタエン ふたりはニヒルで
Odoren and Utaen, we are nihilistic,
素敵で イカした クールな 最高の
fantastic, awesome, cool, and the best

I think I don't need to explain the background of Odoren and Utaen, because the song tells you everything.
As the guest Oriental Radio...I don't know them much, but I think they are the best among all Precure comedian guests Toei invites. They makes the movie more entertaining.

Back to Precure MV, the next one is..

作詞 - 利根川貴之 / 作曲:Dr.Usui / 編曲 - Dr.Usui&Wicky.Recordings / 歌 - 吉田仁美


Daily life : 4

Flashback : 3

Fans Service: 3

My rating:

1. Impressiveness: 3

2. Song Match: 4

3. Interesting: 3

We can see Jikochu Trios and Joe, as well as the human form of all mascots in the MV, but it is also another daily MV to me.

Next one!

作詞 - 青木久美子 / 作曲 - 小杉保夫 / 編曲 - 家原正樹、歌 - うちやえゆか with Splash Stars


Daily life : 4

Flashback : 2

Fans Service: 4

My rating:

1. Impressiveness: 4

2. Song Match: 3

3. Interesting: 4

Comparing to MH, SS OP MV is more interesting, esp. the appearance of Michiru and Kaoru in Precure form. Also...you have never seen Mai playing beach volleyball right? In addition, Corone appears in the MV as well.


「ワンダフル↑パワフル↑ミュージック!! 」
作詞 - 六ツ見純代 / 作曲 - 高取ヒデアキ、編曲 - 籠島裕昌 / 歌 - 池田彩

Daily life : 5
Flashback : 0
Fans Service: 2

My rating:
1. Impressiveness: 4
2. Song Match: 5
3. Interesting: 3

The Music-themed Precure should make a wonderful musical MV right? Although it is also a daily life MV, the characters involve in the MV very well. Quite impressive piece.

After these songe, Precure interview again!


Mana intends to give an encore-to sing DDPC OP...but better not! You know Mana can't sing well....
Others....usually talk about their mascots, because the theme is 39 fairies.

Last two songs are from HaCha and GPPC.
HaCha is this song:

「パーティ ハズカム」
作詞 - 只野菜摘 / 作曲 - ヒザシ / 編曲 - 古川貴浩 / 歌 - 吉田仁美

Daily life : 0 (a party event)
Flashback : 0
Fans Service: 2

My rating:
1. Impressiveness: 2
2. Song Match: 5
3. Interesting: 3

As the song is called "Party has come", HaCha must have a party in the MV. I can't see Phantom form here...but Blue is here! I am sure it is not the memorial scene, because...

Blue is here when Megumi receives the invitation card!! Unless you come back with Red and Mirage, we should not see you by now!
Please give me either Phantom or Red, even Oresuki and Namakelda are ok, but not Blue!

After this song, the last group to perform is GPPC. Before that, let me tell you the happening after Precure reach the kingdom.
1. Why Precure needs to perform like Music Station?
As Odoren proposes Precure to thank their mascots, as what 39 fairies said.

2. What Precure are supposed to do originally in Harmonia kingdom?
As the guests/audience of Harmonia event-Spring Carnival

3. What is GPPC background story in this movie?
GPPC needs to have a singing test next week. Haruka feels nervous and uncertain before receiving the invitation card.  After knowing they need to perform, Haruka have no confident to perform. The Precure interview after Party has come is HaCha encouragement to GPPC.

While Precure are performing, Odoren and Utaen steals their transformation device (actually how they can steal...the movie never tells....but they trap the mascots for sure) and successfully....

change to a gloomy stage for Precure!

and lock the devices in a treasure box + destory the key.

Therefore, the movie theme song "Ima kokokara" comes:

作詞 - 青木久美子 / 作曲 - 高取ヒデアキ / 編曲 - 籠島裕昌 / 歌 - プリキュアオールスターズ

Instead of waving miracle light, GPPC cause miracle by singing and dancing, like the trailer said.
The animation of this song is amazing! I know this song is originally sung by Morning Musume '15, but I think this version is much better than Morning Musume, imo.
It looks ridiculous, but GPPC opens the treasure box by singing and dancing.

After that, it is the time for fighting and searching!
Fighting scenes are not in order:



The fighting and the interaction are short, but physical fights are very good.
The interaction I can see in the movie are:
others fight as their own group.

As for the searching group...they search for the king and queen of Harmonia kingdom.

Searching team members are Princess, Honey, Mermaid and Twinkle. Where is Fortune?


Even the rescue part later, we only can see Lovely, Princess and Honey...Where is Fortune?

What you see the dragon in the trailer and movie op is the god of Harmonia. It is nothing to do with Odoren and Utaen. Why it appears? Although the story tells us that it is because of the thieves, actually it is because of Precure. Precure, even how you dislike the stage Odoren prepared, you all can't destory the hall in foreign country! (they indirectly destory the hall when fighting against the Dorobons) I don't really believe the god's anger come from the villain as they had make a chaos since the movie starts, but the god gets angry right after the stage hall is destoryed.

As usual all stars movie, the seniors needs to give power to the newbies for power up.

What do you feel for the power up? I think GPPC doesn't need to power up. After we have a lesson in HaCha ep 49, we know that Precure cannot kill/purify God like Seiya did. Yes, this dragon cannot be defeated. GPPC only can convince him not to be angry. Also, the power up Mode Elegant....is not elegant anymore...because of the big heart pieces...

Even though GPPC had performed "Ima Kokokara", they still need to perform their own song as the ending of the movie, which is GPPC ED1.
作詞 - マイクスギヤマ / 作曲 - 山本清香 / 編曲 - 多田彰文 / 歌:北川理恵

In conclusion, I am impressed that Precure all stars can be interpreted as a musical film, which is a good attempt. One of the producers for this movie is a foreigner from Romania. This is his info:
He had in charge of HCPC movie before.
The movie is full of nostaglia, fans service and interaction. I think for the interaction, it can match DX series as it can make all Precure communicating one another not only in the battle, but also in ordinary mode, something like DX2. However, don't make a god enemy again...Precure can't defeat...I enjoy the movie very much.
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