cure_samurai (leontoi) wrote in precure,

Do you know Chara ben(Kyara ben)?

Just in case some of you don't know what a Bento is, I'll tell you about them first.

In Japan, there is a habit of carrying meals when on the go.

In history, ancient Japanese people only carried rice balls when they traveled. This habit is similar to western folks carrying Sandwitches.

However, over time, bento culture has grown in Japan. Bento is similar to a lunch box in Western cultrue, but the biggest difference between them are the kinds of foods in the box. A Japanese bento can have many different kinds of food in them.

in recent years, Japanese mothers have designed bento for kids. It's called character bento ("Chara-ben" in Japanese).

Ah...explaining it in English is difficult for me...
Anyway,look at these pictures. they are all made entirely of food and are edible.

(I had mistook my sentences. thank you to the_code_monkey.)


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