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Precure Final Battle review

This is SPC ep 47 review.

Before reviewing this ep, let's read the message I found from 2ch.
This is one of the paragraph of the interview with SPC staff.
The person who said this is Sakai Munehisa, the series director of SPC.

Photo 55

Sakai: On the time around 11th March, 1/3 (approx) of SPC scenarios are completed, but the scene afterwards, including those purposed or unconscious part, are affected by the earthquake. (I guess they may lose some animation or design...) Anyway, we want to make a positive series. If there is no earthquake, the series may end in different direction. Despite of this, it is a special year for us. If this series can cheer you up, we will be pleased.

After reading this, it is clear that the series story had been changed due to earthquake. However, I don't think it is the excuse of writing a story which is not linked to the beginning of the series...

Back to this ep, thank you for Toei's effort to drag the ending to ep 47. After those ridiculous Noise upgrade and swallowing people, SPC finally can kill...should be purify Noise. We don't need to analyze the story, because this ep only ask us to see the finale of Noise. Noise and SPC argument in this ep looks beautiful, but it is out of the topic. Only Hummy is explaining the theme. The theme is Music and friends, but what Noise and SPC are talking is supposed to be the theme of SmPC-smile and sorrow. It is weird that Noise suddenly asks SPC who he is, and later he answers who he is.

Hibiki asks Noise what he is going to do after eliminating all the sound. My thought is he has the best place to sleep(live in), of course! However, the writer tells us that he is going to commit suicide! Don't say SPC, even we can't understand why Noise, as an aggressive boss, has such desperate thought! Perhaps it is a tactic for Hibiki to persuade him, by noticing Noise is upset now. If he answers the same as my thought, SPC has to defeat him, and it can't drag for 30 mins. When SPC decides to persuade Noise, they have the time to do their flashbacks. It is very obvious that the staff is dragging the ep due to many flashbacks (more than YPC5 ep 48, I think...although some drawings are new) and the replay of the full transformation, which it is not supposed to see by now. As we know, SPC transformation (group) is over 1.5 mins. In HCPC ep 48, we also can see solo Blossom and Moonlight henshin, but that one is fine since their transformation are broken for a while, and Blossom solo doesn't show very often. In HCPC, the reuse of henshin banks is story-oriented, but in SPC, there is no reason for the staff to show the group transformation again. SPC can just transform instantly and go fight. 

Starting from PC5, Precure has two options to deal with the last boss:
A. persuading the boss (negotiation)
B. defeat the boss

If A is not successful, Precure has to choose B. Negotiation is not easy. It depends on the story and how the boss think.

-In YPC5, Despairah wants to get her wish- youth, at the same time, she wants to see others to be despair, so that she looks like the most successful person.  However, she still feel worried after reaching her goal, because she lost her goal, she doesn't know what to do next. Meanwhile, YPC5 tried very hard to defeat her, but they know that even they defeat her, Palmier still can't recover. Also, they don't know if they can defeat her, they are worried too. Both Despairah and YPC5 has the same feeling, so YPC5 manage to persuade her. Despairah also want to listen to them. Nevertheless, the despair power is in chaos. Despairah knows that she is the main cause, so she asks YPC5 to purify her.  

-In 5GG, YPC5 also try to convince Kanchou, but Kanchou is very stubborn. YPC5 have to defeat him. (kill him)

-In FPC, Moebius is the main computer of Labyrinth. FPC want to "surpress" him, but computer can't be convinced. FPC only can save Chiffon from Moebius.

-In HCPC, Dune tells us his origin and objective in comic version, but in both version, HCPC should not be able to persuade him...because he just find a place to live. (with his accompanions) In comic version, it is clear that Dune is not regretful of what he had done. Blossom change to giant IS and defeat him. Yes, in comic, HCPC can't convince Dune, but in anime, HCPC can convince him...! In anime ver, due to the insufficent information of Dune, HCPC's persuade become unreasonable.

According to the above analyze, after YPC5, Precure can't convince the last boss. (before YPC5, FwPC/SS didn't think of convincing the last boss) So should SPC persuade Noise here? It supposes to be no. Hibiki thinks that Noise is sad, but is it true? No. Noise has answered. Does Noise have the same situation as Despairah? No. He really want to have a quiet place. Even he said he will disappear after getting the desirable world, he won't feel sad. From the way he say, it looks like his duty to do that. Hence, Noise suddenly can be convinced, and smiling to SPC at the end is awkward.    

Luckily, the fight in part B is well done. We don't need to care what they argue with, just enjoy the continuous visual attacks. The instant attacks are much better than last ep! This is what we want to see for instant attacks! The power up with Fairy tone is excellent, but in this case, why we need the original CT? Moreover, what is the CT power up for? They just change for CT attack...I mean, in ep 45, they already (with CT and Otokichi) make serious injury to Noise...Anyway, it is a wise (actually not very wise) decision that SPC end with Noise in this ep, because they can't drag anymore.

Picture Rhythm

All pictures are from 2ch.

Photo 56

Hummy: it comes!

Photo 57

???: I hear it! I hear it! The cries of people lovesick and forlorn! The wails of the people suffering in evil's grip!

SPC: Who is that!?

Usamimi Kamen: Because the rabbit's ears are LONG! The envoy of love and justice, Usamimi Kamen has arrived!

The preview of this ep is not what I said last week, but in this ep, Noise and Hibiki (+Hummy) like to use the phrase "I hear it.." Usamimi Kamen is the representative of the phrase, because it is his intro phrase!

Photo 58

Noise: Don't steal my spotlight, Usamimi Kamen! Precure! I had said I will eliminate all!

Photo 59

Noise: yes...including me....

Photo 60

Hibiki: What the hell are you?
Good question! Hibiki! We also want to know!

Photo 61

Noise: I also want to know who I am...
Toei! answer it!

Photo 62

but he answers by himself *o*!
Noise: I am born because of Toei!
Here is the time for Noise' ridiculous theory again!

Photo 63

Noise: you will happy, at the same time, you will sad...

Photo 64

Noise: I am born from that sorrow!
I thought you are born from stone?

Photo 65

Noise: I am a mixture of sadness!
!! What? I thought you are just a creature for eliminating sound...or making noise (because your name is Noise..)
Are you one of the Noise in Symphogear?

Recently, I had watched an ep of Symphogear, its theme is also music, and it protrays better story than SPC. I don't know if it is coincidence or the staff of Symphogear mean to critize SPC....the character's name, the cast and the villain's setting are similar to Precure. The main characters' name are Kanade, Hibiki and Tsubasa. Kanade is died in ep 1, and her power is succeeded to Hibiki (that's where I watch so far). The creatures they are fighting against are called Noise! The way Symphogear fight is conveying the music theme, as they sings while they fight!  (yes, they fight with rhythm, somehow...)
The cast of Kanade and Tsubasa are Dark Precure and Blossom respectively.

Photo 66

Back to Noise's theory...(although I don't want to listen....)
Noise: If you are alive, I will be born forever.

Usamimi Kamen: Usamimi~Ear~
Shitsuji Kamen: Usamimi ear, this become one of Melody's secret technique. This technique enable her to hear Noise's heart.
Usamimi Kamen: Shitsuji Kamen, are you reading the right card?
Shitsuji Kamen: e?

Photo 67

Hibiki: I hear it...I hear it...I hear Noise's crying....
When he cry?

Photo 68

Hibiki: Noise is actually sad! He thinks that his voice is ugly!
Noise:(I never think of this! Don't mislead the audience!)

Photo 69

Hibiki: I don't want to fight against you...because it is so sad...
I want to ask you...how about Major land people, Otokichi , CT and the people on the Earth? Aren't they feeling sad of being stoned? You don't have the time to pity your enemy!

Photo 70

Noise: What are you talking about?
Even Noise scold you, Hibiki!

Photo 71

Noise: Shut up! Don't think that you understand me!
I am with you, Noise!

Photo 72

Meanwhile, Hummy is going to do something.
Hummy: I have to go.
Dori: Where?
Hummy: the place which I can get my spotlight.

Photo 73

The place which Hummy can get her spotlight...is doing the same thing as Minor Duo!

Photo 74

Perhaps he eats too much...he has a stomach(chest?)ache.
The "food" he eat so far: Falsetto, Minor Duo and Hummy (three humans and a cat)

Photo 75

Noise: Don't make such noisy sound in my stomach!

Photo 76

Hummy: Noise, can you hear it? This is music.
I think Hummy conveys the theme better than SPC...

Photo 77

Hummy: Come on! Noise! Let's enjoy the concert!

Hummy: but Noise, don't forget to wear 3D glasses! (the clip is Precure 3D theater)
Originally, Hummy is singing.

Photo 78

Ellen: oh no...I had forgotten that concert...
The most important thing you had forgotten is....you are the singing princess as well!!

Photo 79

but SPC choose to fight against Noise eventually...then why you talk to Noise so long in the first half...

Photo 80

Melody: We only think of defeating you till now...
Is it anything wrong? If you don't defeat him, how can you protect Major land and the Earth? Protecting important things is Precure's duty, isn't it?

Photo 81

Noise: Aren't you going to fight against me?
I think Noise is afraid of SPC not playing with him XD

Photo 82

Melody: No...we will fight against you, in order to help you.
er...help him? he doesn't need your help...

The best thing in this ep should be this one- power up with remaining fairy tones.

Photo 84

Let's see Precure attack first.
Beat, as usual, using Beat barrier to defend.

Photo 85
Photo 87

Muse uses shining circle in real time. nice!

Photo 86

While using shining circle, she thinks of her past-as in she is wandering around when she is masked...
Firstly, you are not alone. Dodori is with you! Don't neglect Dodori!
Secondly, I thought you have a goal to achieve, so that you are masked? (according to ep 37)

Photo 88

Awesome! Rhythm is dashing with berthier!

Photo 89

I thought she is going to attack him alone...but Melody won't let her partner (wife?) alone!

Photo 90

This is the clear view of SPC power up. Don't be suspicious. Yes! this is their power up-Negatone SPC! Why the wings' design looks like Negatone!?

Photo 91

SPC wants to explain to Noise the meaning of tears...
Melody: Noise, you should understand...the meaning of tears...
why he has to care of it?
SPC just say tears can convey the feeling of sadness and happiness.
Honestly, tears convey intense feeling- including all emotions.
You can cry because of happiness, sadness, pain, and anger. If you are very expressive person, you may cry when you are too happy. Nevertheless, normally, people cry for negative feeling, in order to get relief.

Photo 92

Noise: I am not the same as you!!
His attack...looks like Fin Funnel...

Photo 94

Oh! Muse's new attack? no, it is just the variation of Sparkling shower-Sparkling bubble!

Photo 95

it seems effective to Noise...

Photo 96

Finally, we can see Musical Rondo (Heartful Beat Lock) in real time!

Yes, the couple attack is also in real time.
We also can see Muse piano attack and super quartet in real time, but I didn't capture them.

Photo 98

After SPC several attacks, he goes nuts!
Who won't go nuts after being beaten by group?

Photo 99

Noise: I will make the whole world be sadness!!

Photo 100

Melody: I will bring back the smile!!
...Melody, this is Suite Precure, not Smile Precure....both Noise and Melody are promoting Smile Precure...obviously...

Photo 101

Hummy: Melody!! Don't forget me!! I am still in Noise's body!

Photo 102
Photo 103

Why Dori is the main tone to be CT? because this series is Melody-oriented.
then what that stoned CT for? You should combine in the first place...

Photo 104

Hummy: this is miracle...
The miracle in this series is very cheap...

Photo 105
Photo 106
Photo 107
Photo 108

Please enjoy the moment of CT SPC, because this form won't last long.

Photo 109
Photo 110
Photo 111

It is disappointed that they just use the same CT attack....only the CT become bigger...

Photo 113

Noise, you should not change to human form in the first place...
Noise's finale~

Photo 114

!! Why SPC catch Noise for?

Photo 115

Melody: If we can't protect your smile, we will be shame on Precure name.
Hey! your seniors didn't protect their last bosses smile as well! Are you saying they are shame on Precure name?

Photo 116

I feel that Noise is forced to smile before he disappear...

Photo 118

Noise: sigh...I have to end here....

Photo 117

Beat: it's end.
Melody: Yes.

but there is an ep to go before you retire.

Rhythm: by the way, where is Hummy?
SPC: e?

Next ep!

Photo 119

Minor trio are back!
Minor trio: Siren!!
Ellen: You're noisy! and I am Ellen!

Photo 121

It's confirm Hummy is still alive.

Photo 122

Title: Lalala~ Suite Precure...not the op song title...it is The Happiness Melody is playing around the world.

Next ep is just the epilogue...to know what is Major Melody. 

Photo 123

The end card is the combination of ep 46 and 47.

This picture summaries different Melody(Precure) forms in the series.

Lastly, Happy Chinese New Year. Today is the first day.

###############################Picture Rhythm Fine#######################

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