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Noise Metamorphsis review

This is SPC ep 46 review.

There is not much story today, the main focus is the fight. The attacks I complaint in last ep review appears (all) here. Beat and Muse can't join in that yuri group for super quartet...they only can use Beat Sonic and Shining circle for variation. Shining circle acts like the clover in LCGF, which is good, but Beat Sonic attack is not very obvious. On the other hand, we usually can see instant attack in the last battle for every series, including this series. However, I would say the instant attack for SPC is very bad...just a shine!

Actually, I get the excitement from Noise's fight more than SPC, how he defend SPC looks better than SPC giving rider kicks. As I expected, Falsetto is swallowed, but the reason is rather simple-too noisy. Baritone and Bassdra come out suddenly like Westar and Soular...is quite unreasonable. They just appear to be swallowed...(I know they appear to save Melody at first, but again they are not very close to SPC) I thought these guys should appear to persuade Falsetto, but it seems Toei don't even bother them.

Aphrodite construct the orchestra is kind of ....asking Noise to change her to stone...because her team doesn't cause any damage to Noise. The beginning and the ending part are funny too. For the beginning, I am thinking why no one think of (at least split into two teams)saving Otokichi and CT immediately. SPC should not be crying as if they are died. After being defeated by Noise, I wonder why they still can survive. If I were Noise, I swallowed them like the middle part of the ep. Also, it is funny that they think of composing the song in the legendary score...I mean Aphrodite should do this instead of constructing the team without any motive. If composing the score can save the world in the first place, why they need to collect notes? why they need Precure power?

Anyway, let's see how it end the series.

Picture Rhythm

Most of the pictures are from 2ch.

Photo 72

After the "exciting" war in last ep, Noise becomes Hungry Bird....

Photo 73

Falsetto! You should not appear now!
OMG! Noise is salivating!

Photo 74

Falsetto: Wait! My appearance is just like this?
Bye Bye~ Falsetto~

Photo 75

Mephisto is still acting as sleeping king.

Photo 76

While SPC + Aphrodite are thinking of selling this stoned Healing Chest, it suddenly quaked.

Photo 77

Noise: Come out! Precure!

Photo 78

SPC Rider kicks x4!

Photo 79

While we expect for some exciting physical fight, they....

Melody: Miracle Arpeggio!
Rhythm: Fantastic Piacere!!

Photo 80

Beat: Beat Sonic!!

Photo 81

Muse: Sparkling Shower!!

Photo 82

Noise laughs as if he is going to heaven!!

Photo 83
Photo 84
Photo 85

I think Noise is too free, so he creates this theory:
-When the notes has evil energy, they will form Minor(Sorrow) Melody
-It can rearrange to be Major(Happiness) Melody
-However, if there is evil heart inside, it will become sorrow immediately.

What is this nonsense theory? The main purpose is to tell us the reason Noise throwing Negatone to public and how major and minor melodies are formed. Please recall ep 1 incident. Mephisto can change the arrangement to Minor Melody in a second! Few eps ago, Falsetto pours the notes and arrange them by himself, without any help from Negatone and sorrow people. (Minor Trio never absorb any power from them) As a last boss, he is not supposed to tell SPC how to form Major Melody. Yes, this is a hint for SPC next ep. "When the notes has evil energy, they will form Minor(Sorrow) Melody", on the contrary, "When the notes has happy energy, they will form Major(Happiness) Melody". Therefore, in next ep, if SPC compose and rearrange the notes to Major Melody, they must have happy energy. Let's continue the story first.

Photo 86

After explaining his nonsense theory, he is hungry again. This time he want to eat Precure.
Pink colour looks sweet, so he chooses Melody.

Melody: What? he want to eat me?

Photo 87

Melody: No-----! Rhythm-----!

Photo 88

Rhythm: Melody-----!

Please stop this couple separation...

Photo 89

!! This scene looks familiar....

Photo 90

Westar and Soular? No....
They are Minor duo, who are suddenly disappeared after ep 43.

Photo 91

Noise: What are you trying to do?
Bassdra: Hey! this is our phrase!! How dare you kick us away from this series!!

Photo 92

Bassdra: While we strived for the screen time from the beginning part of this ep....
By the way, why you two recover faster than Mephisto? and why you still can wander around while Noise invades the kingdom? (you two are supposed to be stone)

Photo 93

Bassdra: we saw something...
Your explanation is like the witness in the court...

Photo 94

Bassdra: Falsetto was swallowed with a silly face....the most important is our tricycle!! We lost our transport....

Photo 95

Baritone: oh....that tricycle is the gift from Mephisto-sama....
You are upset for this? XD
Originally, they are upset for Falsetto, but the main point is why you two just watch him being swallowed?

Photo 96

then these two guys are doing the same thing as Labyrinth duo.

Photo 97

but they are too useless....
Minor duo: Precure, we count on you!!
What purpose you two coming out for!?

Photo 98

With the nutrition from Minor trio, Noise is able to change!
Noise: Noise....Metamorphsis!!

Photo 99

Noise: Black Heart is Devil's Heart! Flattering Fresh! Cure Noise!

Photo 100

Noise: Huhuhu....I also can be Precure.....

Photo 101

Noise: Listen! I am going to substitute you!
Melody: You are the cause of changing the series! Unforgivable!! 

Photo 102

Beat: Change! Soul Rod!

Photo 103

Melody: Cross Rod!

Photo 104

Muse: Precure Shining Circle!

Photo 105

Noise: Ha!

Photo 106

Noise: Adadadadadada-----! (are you Kenjirou?)

Photo 107

Ah...our Emerald Saucer....no, it should be Heartful beat lock...

Photo 108
Photo 109

What a lazy instant attack I have ever seen! Even FPC do better than you!

Photo 110

Noise: It should be my turn! Precure Noise Bomber!

Photo 111


No E, You lose!

Photo 112

Without Precure, Aphrodite takes her citizen to hell....
Why don't you play Major Melody?

Noise: Hello, boy....
Violin: E?

Photo 114

Noise: Annoying!!  Noise Dynamite!

Photo 115
Photo 116

All become Noise's collection, including that sleeping king.

While SPC is desperate, our Fairy Tone plays the tone to hint them. Very cute, Fairy Tone! but I think this is your only screen time besides using as transformation and attacks.

Photo 118

Hummy: Let's compose the song for Smile Precure.
SPC: What? Composing new Precure op is the Major Melody!?

Photo 119

Kanade: If this is the only method...

SPC: We won't give up!!

er....then what's your purpose for collecting notes? Why don't you take the score in the first place?
Those are the main reasons for Noise's nonsense theory I said above.

Photo 120

Before next ep, let's go to the future and see 26 Precures (26 Riders?) gathered!
The midground is very crowd.....but background and foreground make me happy.
but...Moonlight, are you tired for stand on one leg?

Next Ep!

* the sample of forming Major Melody (from OMM)

Melody tact is in full power!!

Constructor: My Melody

Pianist: Piano-chan (Candy's ancestor XD)

Guest Character: Mana-chan (SPC's ancestor?XD)

Photo 121

This song gives the power to Fairy tone too.
It is not surprised that SPC can transform again. remember ep 44?

Photo 122
Photo 123

Well...we have Cure Angel x4 before, it is not surprised for 4 Cresendo Precure
Title: PiKan! The hope Suite that everyone plays!

Photo 124

Is it better to show Dx form for TV series instead? Although Melody suit looks unsuitable...
If so, you may worry for not seeing Cresendo SPC for all 4 cures? Don't worry, we still can see in DX NS.

Let's recap DX 3 all attacks

Extra 1:

DX 1 attack with TVB(Cantonese) dub. It is fanmade.
For those who don't know Chinese, without subtitle, you only can understand "Milky Rose" and " Pretty Cure Rainbow Rose Explosion", because they talk in English. (Yes, only Rainbow Rose Explosion follows the original name)
TVB shows FPC now. The cure name change back to English, as in "Cure Peach", "Cure Berry", "Cure Pine"...because these name are unable to replace with one word+Angel.
However, the attack name is awful as every attack, the word "Precure" is replaced by "Happiness Fairy", e.g. Precure Love Sunshine becomes Happiness Fairy Love beam. (Espoir shower=hope beam, Healing Prayer=Healing beam).  For transformation, it changes from "Change! Precure! Beat up!" to "Change!(in chinese) Happiness Fairy! Beat up!"

Extra 2:

The sample Major Melody-Dream! Dream! Dream!
composed by: Houjou Hibiki (because she is the same voice as Sakuratsuka Miki in OMM)

The first one is OMM 2nd series ending song (it becomes one of the ending song), actually its first appearance is OMM ep 52, which is the second clip, but the language is Polish (I guess...), and the song change to that language...Anyway, it can be the sample for next ep scene.

Photo 125

End Card: More SmPC invade SPC again! Last ep SPC gives out 1/2, this ep 2/3...so next ep we only can see 1/4 screen for SPC? 

###############################Picture Rhythm fine#####################

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