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Christmas Review

This is SPC ep 44 review.

First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
This ep...we have better art director (PCMH character designer) and writer (PC5 writer and director)...but these can't save the current story condition. This ep gives us a view of Hibiki's family reunion, Christmas concert in Kanon town...and the date with Kanade...which are the good scenes in this ep, however, they are half-done.

- Hibiki's family reunion: we don't know when Maria come back to Japan. There is no beginning, it is already processing when we begin to watch this ep.

- Christmas concert: no preparation or rehearsal, just gathering people and have the actual concert. The concert never starts.

- the date with Kanade: also half-way done, they just talk a bit, and suddenly go to Precure base..

Since the miracle in Precure become cheaper and cheaper...I don't really look forward to the so-called miracle happen in this ep. The reason is simple- SPC will transform again. We all know that, and how they get the power? Create the clefs. It is reasonable that they hold hands and get the power (harmony power, as they always mention), but it is unreasonable that leave a legendary score behind for SPC.

Also, the sudden creation of treble clefs in a new page (so-called) is weird and redundant. The weird is "why not filling the clefs in all staves, just 4?"; the redundant is they can create using harmony power, sticking treble clefs there makes a big conflict to ep 1. I had mentioned that Siren had said the score can't begin without Module clef. This scene fulfills what she said, but the problem is it also fulfills what I said!
What does it mean?

Siren: the score can't begin without Module clef
Evidence: In this ep, 4 clefs create in the new page of the score.

Me: (in ep 42 review comment) Minor group change the song, or compose a Minor song with the scattered notes. Clefs, key signature, beat and tone can change whatever they wish.

Evidence: In this ep, SPC compose a new score with the creation of treble clefs. That means Minor group can do the same thing as well!!
All musicians have the ability of composing score, whether Major or Minor!

Another contradiction I had told earlier is that Minor group can collect notes without stealing Module. From how the treble clefs create here, the treble clefs are struck into the score, but the heart clefs can still in their heart! Therefore, your question will be:
Why Minor group need to steal Modules in ep 42? The clefs can be stabled in the score without putting the heart clefs in!

In this ep, Noise tells us his aim-to mute the world!
Then why Minor group need to collect notes? Noise's aim is denying Minor's hard work!!

These are not the main point I am going to shoot for this ep, including sudden persuade to an object and direct CT attack. The main point is the ending of this ep! The staffs really give us a shocking "miracle"-Precure base become Macross!! (Please see Picture Rhythm) This is not the setting that can accept because Precure is not ROBOT ANIME! I accept Sentai spice to PC5 because 5 people can form sentai, and both Precure and Sentai belong to Super hero(ine); but changing the base to a warship is too far!! They have the piano trail to go to Major Land, why they need the move the whole base? for the pipe organ? Oh please...can't you create a big speaker like Basara?

As Toei announces that there is no Precure in New Year day, I can also announce this series will be the smallest scale in Precure history. (Toei had promoted that this series will be in big-scaled)Let's see...
1st PC+ MH= 49+47=96

Let's predict the plot for last four eps!
ep 45- CT spends all power to crash enemy, Otokichi was caught. (that is how they show in the preview, not prediction)
ep 46- Mephisto awake, Minor duo persuade Falsetto
ep 47- Composing and Playing Happy score(CT may awaken by this)
ep 48- Precure + Major group vs Noise

something like that...well there are the only things they need to do to end the series.

There is no Hibiki story today, but there is Muse information piece.

Muse information piece

What is it for? It is for the coming Precure information.

Firstly, I found out the direction of this producer...which looks like Washio. The proof is the setting of =)PC.

Washio's Precure (L)-Umezawa's Precure (R)

Is there any similarity? Yes, both want to give us a different magical girl(Precure) view.

both series describe more on human's heart.

both have lower TV rating? er....both have special topic (nature and music)

PC5 vs =)PC
both are meant to save the unpopularity of last series? um....don't know, but they have similar setting, as in same colour scheme and the number of people.

Thus, if =)PC has the same purpose as PC5 (celebrating 5th (for =)PC, 10th)anniversary, =)PC may have sequel...Also, after 10th Precure series, the producer may change again.

I know that there is a post about =)PC news and many translation of =)PC character information. This column is to summarize character info.

The elements in =)PC are Light, Fire, Thunder, Wind and Water/Ice. Luckily, only fire may resemble to Cure Rouge, others looks new. It is correct that Light, Thunder, Wind might resemble to FwPC(MH) and SS.

Light: In MH, PC5 and HCPC, we usually see yellow..and rainbow light. Luminous gives us rainbow light, Lemonade is yellow light and Sunshine is Sunlight. What Happy will bring us? According to the website, it may be (most likely) White Light. Luminous shows spectrum, Lemonade shows sparkles and flash, Sunshine...more to sunflower...and ray...Happy may show light beam. (or light whip)

Fire: Rouge has shown us flame and ball, so Sunny this time...should not show another Fire strike (I don't think she will because she is in volleyball club)...she can consider on fire whirl or burst.

Thunder: We have "Black Thunder!" "White Thunder!", and now "Yellow Thunder!" and they also showed us storm already...the only thing left are bolt and plasma..

If you notice, Light, Fire and Thunder belong to Light family, so they may have combine attack with these elements (if the staffs know how to play), such as Light + Fire, Light + Thunder, Light+ Fire + Thunder.

Wind: Windy gives us breeze, normal wind...gust... may be. Passion shows happiness hurricane, but she doesn't belong to wind... wind can play many things...but why I sense there will be wind protection for March? Wind can combine with Thunder to form thunder storm. It also can be the booster to fire and water (rain storm? and ice? but there is Aqua Tornado for Aqua! ) ...Tornado, hurricane had shown, so this time is...cyclone? (not Kamen Rider W..)

Water/ice: I believe they have inspiration from Dx3...there is no ice Precure. Aqua is the great representative of water Precure. She provides stream, Tornado and arrow. Reika is in Archery Club, so there is a high possibility for arrow again. (Shinken blue also uses arrow...) Even she won't shoot like Aqua, she will have a weapon for Archery, or shooting icy arrow. With the power of ice, she can freeze, froze, creating ice crystal etc.

After reading my analysis of the elements, I think you may get the picture of =)PC attacks.

Next, character information according to Toei website

1. Hoshizora Miyuki/ Cure Happy
The name Hoshizora is starry night, her light power will (most likely) about star. The light beam I mention above may be shooting from finger light (I mean point light), i.e. shooting star. Of course, I believe they won't show the same shooting star as Dream.
Miyuki means happiness, Kanji can be translated as 美幸/simply 幸.

Her Precure intro phrase (I believe) will be:
Sparkling light of future, Cure Happy!

Characteristic: energetic, clumsy and optimistic
Interest: (reading) Illustrated book
She appears as transferred student in ep 1.
Her catch phrase is "Ultra Happy!"

2. Hino Akane/Cure Sunny
Both surname and first name have the meaning of sun and the colour orange red. Akane usually describes the colour of sunset.

Her Precure intro phrase: Hot-blooded solar power, Cure Sunny!
Characteristic: passionate, comical, mood-maker.
Family background: Japanese savoury pancake small restaurant, born in Osaka
Club: Volley ball club

3. Kise Yayoi/Cure Peace
Her surname clearly means yellow stream=thunder, so what is Yayoi? It means March (not Cure March, is the month March)...it refers either to her birthday or just spring.

Her Precure intro phrase should be the most difficult to translate...
Glittering random light Pon! Cure Peace!
The paper-scissor-stone is well-known hand game, you and your opponent show hand signs randomly, so I use random to substitute.

Characteristic: timid ,easily cry, headstrong, diligent, keep promise(sincere), shy (in showing comics to others)
Interest: Drawing comic

4. Midorikawa Nao
Is she a relative to Midorikawa Hikaru? just joking...Nao means straightforward, like her personality.

Her Precure intro phrase: Courageous straight match, Cure March!

Characteristic: good at sports, popular (in girls), straightforward, righteous, reliable
Interest: Cute things
Club: Soccer club

According to her info, I believe =)Pc school is girl school.

5. Aoki Reika/Cure Beauty
Her surname means blue wood, just blue. Reika...Kanji is most likely 麗華, beautiful.

Her Precure intro phrase: Showery limpid heart, Cure Beauty!
Characteristic: elegant, polite, looks gentle but her anger is the most frightening
Club: Archery Club, Student vice-president

As you know, their Precure phrases have sounding words: kirakira, sun-sun, pikapika, rinrin, shinshin. It seems inspired from SPC title, but looks good.

I don't know if you notice, their school ties are in their representative colours...does that mean they are in different classes?

Oh yes, I miss Candy, she is a female fairy who like making up.

###############################Muse information piece fine####################

Picture Rhythm

All pictures are from 2ch.

Photo 46

Let's see how our heroine Hibiki spend her Christmas...
Most of the time she celebrates with her parent...busy with unwrapping all presents from her mother...

Photo 47

but Hibiki won't forget her Christmas date with Kanade
New Movie: Kanon Town Love Story
Houjou Hibiki- Houjou Hibiki (Male)
Minamino Kanade- Houjou Hibiki's girlfriend

On the White Christmas day, Kanade is waiting for her boyfriend...
Hibiki: It's beautiful, isn't it?
Kanade: e? When you are here?
Hibiki: Just now. It looks peaceful, isn't it?
Kanade: Yes, it is...

Photo 48Photo 49

Hibiki: (I am not as rich as Ako....but will Kanade like this handmade Module...)
then he suddenly see her taking her Module out...
Hibiki: (!! Oh no! she already bought one!!)
Kanade notices Hibiki looking at her...
Kanade: What's the matter?
Hibiki: Nothing !!
Hibiki quickly changes the topic.
Hibiki: Why Noise still haven't come? It's already a week after completing the score....
Kanade: How do you know?
Hibiki: I always watch Suite Precure...
Kanade: Me too! ^^ but I also don't understand why he does nothing after completing the score...


So what happen to Minor group? Why they haven't come to Kanon town?
Since Bassdra and Baritone suddenly disappear after ep 43...Falsetto has to clean up the mess in the Minor castle alone.

Falsetto: Even they want to leave, clean up the mess before leaving!! Now I have to clean....all the dirt and blood (is there any?) alone...that's too far....I regret asking Precure to come here...

Noi-chan: P-P- (It is still dirty there! Clean it up!)
Falsetto: Yes, Noise-sama...

On the Christmas day, both Falsetto and Noi-chan are having their Christmas dinner before going to Kanon town.

Falsetto: Noise-sama, why don't we celebrate after going to Kanon town?
Noi-chan: P-P-P-(Stupid! How can I eat and drink with that huge body? )
Falsetto: Oh! Noise-sama is right! Come, have a cup of wine...
Noi-chan: P-P-P-(and we still have plenty of time, isn't it? by the way, have you practiced your voice? You are the only representative of Minor Christmas Carol)
Falsetto: Of course I do! I won't let you down!

Photo 50

Hibiki and Kanade want to continue their movie, but Ellen and Ako quickly pull them back to Precure base!

Ellen: Even we can't transform, you should not change the whole series...
Ako: We lose transformation, but we can't lose the series!

Photo 51

Hummy: are we going to be fired...?
Fairy tones: um.....

Photo 52

Otokichi: what is that sour face? Today is Christmas.

Photo 53

Ellen: We don't have the mood to talk about Christmas......by the way, what is Christmas?
I found it funny that there is no mention on Ellen and Ako first Christmas in Kanon town...

Photo 54

Otokichi: and I tell you what, our secret weapon is complete!

Photo 55

SPC: !!
Otokichi: and we have a lot of volunteers!

Photo 56

Souta: Don't forget us! Esp. me-Sun Man!

Photo 57

Waon: I can't be Precure, but don't forget you have Captain Waon-chan! 

Photo 58

Seika: Minamino-san, my Sweets Princess team is ready too.

Photo 59

Ouji: as a super hero team, Ikemanger are willing to lend our hand too. (not face?)

Photo 60

Otokichi: Sun Man, Captain Waon, Sweets Princess, and Ikemanger, we count on you.
All: Yes!
SPC: (why Otokichi needs so many volunteers...)

Photo 61

Mephisto, who is sacrificed for his disappeared subordinates..is still unconscious...
Aphrodite, find a doctor, quick!

Photo 62Photo 63

Why Dan and Maria are looking at Precure like this?

They are watching Precure as the commanders of Ikemangers!

Photo 64

Knowing their daugther fighting against Angry Bird, they comfort her.
Maria: Don't worry, Hibiki! Ikemanger will defeat that Angry Bird!
Dan: He is called Noise....
Maria: Who cares!
Hibiki: Thank you, Father, Mother...

Photo 65

Ikemanger final blow...if you remember....is Hunkalicious Orchestra, this is upgraded version- Hunkalicious Orchestra Ensemble!

Photo 66

Ike-Prince is the host of this attack. (of course, they have to conceal as concert)
Ike-Prince: Let's welcome...

Photo 67

Falsetto: Falsetto!
Ike-Prince: What!?
SPC: (he finally comes...)
Falsetto: I will be the hero of this series, from today onwards! Here is my Christmas gift!

Photo 68

Due to the story distortion, Falsetto get the chance to be singing prince!
Today! is his first debut!

Photo 69

Otokichi: Huh! Pipe organ, it is your turn. Major Rainbow Overture!
It takes effect!

Photo 70

but Noise has Noise-canceller!

SPC: What happen?
All Ikemangers are down!!

Photo 72

Falsetto is singing with high tension...

Photo 73

but nobody likes his song...

Photo 74

Noi-chan sucks their dislike of Falsetto's voice and...
Noise! Metamorphsis!

Photo 77

Otokichi: What!? this is Noise's full form?

Photo 75Photo 78

Don't tell me that this is Noise full form's face...

Photo 76

Of course not!
Noise: I finally get rid of Angry Bird face!
but what kind of species are you? Why a bird can become dragon? (should become Pheonix, right?)

Photo 79Photo 80

This is the Christmas Carol from Noise?

Photo 81

!! all become statues? it looks like HCPC ep 46...

Photo 82
Photo 83

Hibiki and Kanade are upset for their parents and friends...(same as how Tsubomi, Erika, Itsuki feel last year...)

Photo 84

but Ellen can only upset for ...Ikemanger...

Photo 85Photo 86

Noise: Otokichi, CT, I won't forget what you had done to me!
Otokichi: We just create a place for you to sleep...since you don't like noise...
After hearing his desire....I found that he should not call Noise, he should call Mute...
He just dislike all kind of noise...why don't just mute all people's voice, even Precures' (so that they can't even transform again....)? What's the purpose to create statues again?

Photo 87

and it is funny that they throw the legendary score....recycling it as Negatone!

Photo 88Photo 89

Noise nearly forgets Major Land, so he moves on to Major land...with Falsetto.
Falsetto: Bye Bye forever...Precure...Merry Christmas!

Photo 90
Photo 91

Even SPC can't transform, they still have CT and Otokichi! They are cheat codes!
Otokichi may have the chance to substitute SPC and become the main hero...but Negatone doesn't allow...

When the CT barrier breaks, Hibiki goes to another dimension again...
New Movie 2: Beauty and the Beast~Suite~
Houjou Hibiki-Beauty

Photo 92


Photo 93

Beast: Don't look at me like that....I can't help it....

Photo 94

Beauty: ....then you disappear...now!

Photo 95

Beast:...Even you stare at me, I also can't make you transform...

Photo 96

Beauty: Who care! I just want you disappear!

Photo 97

Kanade: Hibiki, even we change so many movies, we can't escape the fate of being Precure!
Hibiki: Kanade...
but Kanade, you are still acting as Hibiki's girl friend...

Photo 98

Ellen: you two finally understand!
Ako: Welcome back to Suite Precure!

Photo 99Photo 100

No clef in the score? Don't worry, there is such thing called creation!

SPC: We won't forgive you!

Photo 103

Negatone: Funny! I am your savior! You won't bear to beat me!

Photo 104

SPC: Finale!
Negatone: Ahh----!
Negatone, never trust your enemy...

Photo 105

Hummy: Ah...someone...can you help me? Legardary score is heavy...

Photo 102

CT: Otokichi, are we forgetting something?

Photo 117

Otokichi: Yes, it is the time to show our miracle.

Photo 106

Otokichi: Macross Suite, Launch!

Photo 107Photo 108
Photo 110

SPC: that's why you hire volunteers?
Otokichi: yes, but they can't go with us...

Photo 109

Macross Suite is going for a long journey from Earth to Major Land!
Let's fight for justice in the space! Precure!

Next ep!

Photo 111

CT: CT final crusher!

Photo 112

Hummy: CT!!

Photo 113

Noise: Come out! Aphrodite!
Aphrodite: Major barrier! Switch On!

Photo 114

Otokichi: Goodbye, Muse....Ako....
Muse: Captain....! Grandpa!

Photo 115

Title: Boon! We won't let Noise to do what he wants!

Photo 116

End card with Hummy's desire-forming fairy tone sentai!

###############################Picture Rhythm fine####################
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