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Module review

This is SPC ep 42 review.

I feel there are a lot of sudden in this ep….
Suddenly, Falsetto needs to pour the notes into the score.
Suddenly, Aphrodite said that the Module is the key of completing score.
Suddenly, Minor group know about this so-called secret.
Suddenly, Ellen is “jealous “ of HibiWaon & KanaSeika.
Suddenly, Ako become too clever.
Suddenly, Waon knows Seika is kidnapped.
Suddenly, Falsetto controls Waon and Seika.
Suddenly, Bassdra and Baritone become good guys and help SPC.
Suddenly, SPC and Minor duo become friends.
Suddenly, saving Minor duo become SPC tasks.

Yes, these 10 suddens happen in the same ep. I don’t want to say, but I have to say….What a horrible ep! This ep is the worst ep in Precure history! I remembered last week chibi_mitsuki commented that last episode were handled very incorrectly . I think this phrase should apply for this ep.

Firstly, let’s talk about the idea of Cure Module being the key of score. As a music theme, it is a very bad idea, esp to those audience who know music. The logo in Cure Module is G clef. In music, there is no such thing that they must only use Treble Clef to create the music score. This is the information of the clefs:

If we talk about 4-part vocal-soprano, alto, tenor, bass, soprano and alto are using treble clef, whereas tenor and bass are using bass clef (treble clef with 8 below also can be used for tenor. Soprano and alto are for female. Tenor and bass are for male. If Minor group want to sing the song, they should use tenor and bass voice, that is, in BASS CLEF! However, the score in this ep is in treble clef, and the keys are only suitable for soprano! Also, if you see the score carefully (you can see in picture rhythm as well), it is just a normal piano score.
Originally, there is a setting that only singing princess can sing the score; but I think they already abandon the idea. It is because this idea had been used in ep 21, Hummy couldn’t be brainwashed and Siren ran away from brainwash. Actually, since Noise is revived (as angry bird), they can use this idea again. Nevertheless, Siren becomes Ellen, Ellen is Precure, in their concept (in this series only), Precure cannot be kidnapped. Hummy cannot be kidnapped as well. SPC team must be sure win. (why?)
In ep 1, Siren had said, “Without this clef, the score won’t start”. Do you know why? It is because Siren is soprano! Without this clef, she can’t sing. However, they don’t need singing princess anymore. Even though they need G clef, just 4 of them is not enough…
Cure Module being the key of the score is kind of…SPC never lose! It is just an excuse for Minor group to steal. (because they don’t need to do anything now) Then we will ask : If the Module are stolen , how SPC transform? Don’t worry (I am never worried), they only need to take out the logo from the Module.
In addition, it is very funny that Minor group knows the secret in a moment, as if they eavesdrop SPC base. (but there is no sign of eavesdropping..)

Secondly, Waon and Seika part… there is no information that Waon knows Seika, although they had talked with each other last ep. Ok, even they know each other, there is lack of information how Seika was kidnapped, and how Falsetto know about the relationship between Waon and Seika and SPC. Baritone thinks of catching Otokichi makes more sense because he is Ako’s grandfather. I mean if Falsetto just wants puppets to steal Module, Hibiki, Kanade’s parents, esp Dan, who is their teacher! For Ako, Souta can be done. Even though Waon and Seika appear often in the series, they are not as close as the people I listed above.
Also, their brainwash, according to Falsetto, it is from Noise. The problem is how Noise controls them without meeting them.

Thirdly, the sudden change of Bassdra and Baritone. Their position now is exactly the same as Westar and Soular. Let’s review the betrayed villains in Precure history:
The candidates are Kiriya, Michiru & Kaoru, Bunbee, Westar, Soular, Dr. Sabaku, Siren. (Kumojacky, Cobrajar, Sasorina can’t consider as candidate because they didn’t do any betray action in their enemy form)
Kiriya , Michiru & Kaoru – their approach to Precure changes their thought of the meaning of living.
Bunbee – desire to survive; In fact, the staffs never plan of his survival in 5GG, thanks to Takagi.
Westar and Soular – Moebius throw them into the wrong rubbish bin….just joking, they are abandoned.
Dr. Sabaku, Siren – brainwashed

Bassdra and Baritone are neither brainwashed nor abandoned (Falsetto still use them). Even they dislike Falsetto, but they won’t help SPC. You will ask: why they become the choir form when they touch the Module? This causes another big conflict. Please recall to ep 1, both of them can’t touch the clef EVEN when they are in choir form (they even didn’t wear earphone.). They have no reason to help SPC, don’t even say to be friend with them and not bear to hurt them.

The story in this ep had been torn into pieces…they try to make jokes for Minor duo, but the joke is too on purpose. This ep is not like last ep, which can make into funny filler ep. Last week, the main character is Fari, Fari is not a very serious character (making Fairy tone as main character can’t make the ep serious), so I welcome that comical storyline. However, stealing Module is a serious issue to SPC. It can’t be a comical ep, and this ep has a serious opening (and the ending is even more serious), Waon & Seika parts are serious development…(how many serious I had used…) The insertion of Minor duo’s joke is like going to the wrong channel (of course I know their personalities are comical). The story is already miserable, the fighting scene is even worse. The appearance of CT is like what Chiffon does in the later part of FPC…the sudden CT attack….no comments….(I can’t comment…)
Reading the screenshots +comments in 2ch, I believe 2ch users become “Angry Audience”, because I saw some comments like:
Today’s writer …he drunk while writing the script..
(Today’s script) unforgivable
What a weird script….
Writer: Kobayashi Yuuji
I won’t forget him in my whole life…
Something like that…If you think it is a good ep, please state the good point.

Since I had analyzed the storyline above (it should be objection…), there is no Hibiki story today. But! It will be substituted by this new section-Beat Lyrics!

We should have a look on the beautiful lyrics of Kanade’s image song, in order to dilute our anger to this ep XDD.

1. たいせつもの
The Important Item

胸のおく響く 大好きなメロディを
My favourite Melody is playing in the bottom of my heart.
そっと口ずさむと なぜか勇気わいてくる
When I hum gently, why I am full of courage?

手と手を鳴らして 心のリズムを合わせたら
If we swing our hands together and match our rhythm in our heart,
The smiling recipe will be produced!

レッツ!奏でよう かがやく音
Let’s Play, this shining sound
いとしい この世界で
Lovable, this world
The notes never give up
lining up on the heart score.

ねぇ 張り切る その気持ちが
Hey, hold the feeling tight
the heart bounding sound is repeated echoly
意地はっても ケンカしても
Even we have different views and quarrel
いっしょに 何度でも 明日を歌いたい
We sing for tomorrow whatsoever.

甘いクリームと ほろ苦いチョコレイト
Sweet cream and bitter chocolate
違うふたつなのに ピッタリくるハーモニー
They are different, but they match together and form harmony

趣味とか性格 それぞれにみんな違うから
As our hobbies and personalities are totally different,
ミラクルが生まれる そうでしょう?
The miracle occurs, doesn’t it?

イエス!伝わる やさしい音
Yes! Deliver this gentle sound
聴かせて あなたの音
Let’s listen to your voice
The unknown chords
are playing freely in the sky again.

ねぇ 譲れないコトもあるし
Hey, there is something that is not allowed to give away
Even I am stubborn…
素直になって 凛と強く
but I am frank, stern and strong
まぶしく たおやかな 希望を刻みたい
Shiny, graceful, it seems craving hope

レッツ!奏でよう かがやく音
Let’s Play, this shining sound
いとしい この世界で
Lovable, this world

The notes never give up

lining up on the heart score.

ねぇ 頑張る その気持ちが
Hey, work hard for this feeling
because it is the most important thing
ひとりじゃない 仲間がいる
You are not alone; you have your partners
いっしょに 何度でも 明日を夢見よう
We dream for tomorrow whatsoever.


2. Fantastic Message

守りたいから 大事だから
I want to protect because it is important
全部をかけて 頑張れるの
I work hard in full power
勇気は強気が近いけど 弱気じゃらしくないし
Courage is similar to strong, but it is not like coward.
悲しいをいつはいらないわ 希望を奏でたい
My sorrow can be thrown away in any time, as I want to play the hope
with our friends

*七色いきらめきな プリズムが
The rainbow sparkling Prism
as if linking our dream and tomorrow together
毎日すこし包め 努力したい
It tries its best to cover little by little everyday
凛と見あけで空は いつだってFantastic
in the cool and clear sky. It is always Fantastic

The changeable and unchangeable things
both are the proof of my life
It is not easily noticed and seen
but it can surely feel
優しさは強さと似ている ようやく気つけたの
Gentle is resemble to strong, I finally understand
from your words.

ミスの音符たちが セッションして
The missing notes are sessional
connecting heart to heart
力を合わせて今 思い放つ
we combine our power now, to release our thoughts
**諦めない未来へ 届けたいMessage
We want to deliver the Message to the future we never give up

######################Beat Lyrics Fine######################

Most of the pictures are from 2ch.

The beginning of this ep is already shocking...still pouring the notes to the score after putting the last note in last ep. This is the score now....the keys are so high-pitched that Minor group can't sing...
It is also strange that the bass clefs are not locating on the left hand side of the score. You can't see the bass clef?
Photo 77

Let's review it from ep 1, the bass clef is clearly shown.

Photo 79

My concern now is this Berither...after listening Fantastic Message, I miss Fantastic Berither...

Back to the ep...SPC grumbles that Minor group takes all the notes. The score is complete out of their (our) expectation.

Photo 81

Mephisto, don't hide behind your wife and peek your daughter.
Aphrodite: Noise won't revive. The score won't complete.

In Minor Land--
Falsetto:4 treble clefs are disappearing!

I really want to shoot it like Hiiragi:

What kind of a setup is that!?

Photo 82

Noi-chan: (WHAT!?)

Photo 83

Falsetto: Noise-sama, don't step on my head!
You are ready to be bald, Falsetto.

Photo 84

Aphrodite: This is the clef needed to complete the score.
Hibiki: Why don't you tell us earlier?
Aphrodite: In order to cheat the enemy, I have to cheat you.

Objection! (I imitate Ace AttorneyXD)

In ep 1, Ellen(Siren) had told Hibiki: the score won't begin without this clef.
What is this?
The score can't begin without Cure Module.
The score can't complete without Cure Module.

The conclusion is...The score is the excuse for Minor group stealing Cure Module!

Photo 85

Poor Minor duo, they are suddenly punished! (one more "suddenly")

Photo 86

Hibiki x Waon

Photo 87

Kanade x Seika

Photo 88

Ellen: We should thank to Toei for changing Precure candidates..
Ako: You are right.
Hummy: (I prefer Ellen to be the same form as me...)

Photo 89

The only funny part..is Minor duo's presentation.
Bassdra's presentation of stealing strategy:

Photo 90

While I make chaos, you(Baritone) lure them to the scene.
When they transform.

Photo 91

They will fall into the hole I set up!

Photo 92

so they work in construction site as part-time.

Photo 93

Ako: are you going to dig a hole for us to fall in, in order to steal Module?

Photo 94

Bassdra: why she know about it?
you dig the hole in front of SPC, they know of course.

Photo 95

Minor duo suddenly find a hot spring!
SPC: oh! hot spring... (it should be pipe's crack..)

Should I play "Dreaming power"? (OMM's ED 2)

Onegai My Melody's famous ending-Onsen

Photo 96

Ako: cough..we should appreciate for their idea of Onsen ending...

Photo 97Photo 98

Ako: this is the certificate of "The most beneficial ending in Precure History" 

Photo 99

Ellen: I am proud to be your former supervisor...(I thought you forgot)
Hibiki: Welcome to Precure team!

This is all for BASSDRA'S DREAM!

Let's proceed to Baritone's presentation:

Photo 100

We kidnap Otokichi...

Photo 101

to threaten SPC to hand over Module.

Nice plan! Baritone!

Photo 102

but it is a bad idea to press Ako's home bell politely...
Ako: are you going to kidnap Otokichi?

Photo 103

Bassdra: Why she know our plan again? is she Esper?
.....um...her intelligence is suddenly powered up by Toei.

Photo 104

they end up helping Otokichi to catch fish...but Otokichi never give them some food to thank them. Major family...they somehow are more cruel than Minor duo.

Photo 105

Waon: I saw some suspicious guys kidnapping her(Seika)!
Why don't you stop them at once? You can beat Bassdra with soccer last ep!

Photo 106

SPC follows Waon to the scene (why Waon knows?) and save her successfully.

Photo 107

Why Dodori is upside down? The idea is the same as Tiri upside down in an ep. (over the third score line)

Photo 108Photo 109

We never know when Waon and Seika are under control, but we know Noi-chan treats them like dogs.

Photo 110

Ako: These Modules are the toys sold in department store!
so you ask Otokichi to buy them for you? (2818 yen for each..four of them...11272 yen!!)
Hummy: I help in marking fake (you are doing extra thing..)

Photo 111

Now this is real!

Photo 112

but they can't transform in front of the former Precure candidates...

Photo 113

Waon and Seika: We seems forgetting something...
This is the power of Precure candidate? They are stronger than Mephisto...and even current cure-Ellen.

Photo 114

No matter Module is real or fake, Hummy try her best to protect them!
Hummy: the fakes are very expensive! [Exactly]

Photo 115

Hummy: (My scene is just up to here!?)

Photo 116

Minor Duo: Oh...Our faces! We finally get back our handsome look...

Photo 117

Ellen: is it possible they....
Hibiki: their evil hearts are gone?

What? They are not good guys in ep 1, without headphones!

Photo 118

Noi-chan is using its toileting power to power up (?) Minor duo...(they can't call Negatone now)

Photo 119

Don't hold Cure Module like police passport! It doesn't have any privilege in Kanon town.
By the way, FPC has privilege to enter the TV station without showing Linkrun..

Photo 120

Minor duo become this nightmare look again...when they can get back their handsome looks?

Photo 121

Melody: we can't hurt them! Because they are our friends!
They never treat you all as friends...

Photo 122Photo 123

Cheat Code CT appear!! We don't need to listen to her theory, she just ask SPC to use CT attack again.

Photo 124

Minor duo: (are we going to die in this ep?)

Photo 125

Noi-chan: (Not so soon!!)

Photo 126

Melody: Wait! Bassdra, Baritone!
Minor duo: (why we have to listen to you?)

Photo 127

Good evening, Waon, Seika.

Photo 128Photo 129Photo 130Photo 131

What are these MTV scenes? are you going to make a MTV?

Next ep!

Photo 132

Minor duo just carry on Baritone's plan to Aphrodite...

Photo 133

Next highlight should be how Mephisto save his wife...

Photo 134

Noi-chan is smiling....? it is rare..

Photo 135

SPC is going to give up their clefs?

Photo 136

What a meaningless title...
Title: Shikushiku (crying sound)...Unfortunate Melody is completed nya! (it is already complete in ep 41...)

Photo 137

The End card is...Minor Trio are striving Precure position!

###################################Picture Rhythm Fine#########################

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