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Angry Bird Review

This is SPC ep 38 review.

I am quite appreciated for Souta x Ako scene in this ep. Yes, that angry bird is Noise, but I find it funny that why Ako can't notice this abnormal species...anyway, Noise successfully become Ako's pet (the bosses in this series have loli complex?). The story...um...it looks shallow to me(and it doesn't match the title),because the whole story just tells us that why Ako can't sing for Otokichi's birthday. The reason is fine, but it is not appropiate here. She wants to sing when her family members gather. If she say this before Mephisto become Major King, it is pretty good. However, her family is recovered already, this reason become useless. That music box is not really related
to the story. The fight is very well done, beat sonic is creatively used for saving Souta. The style looks like PC5, but SPC still have the time to perform even they appear later than Muse. Also, Spc have the chance to fight against Bassdra and Baritone.

Another question for Noise is that why it doesn't directly change to a crow, which is a normal species in human world. Nonetheless, the writer gives a new mission to Minor Trio-finding boss.

Hibiki Story

1. Ako and Kanade -Ako asks Kanade to make a cake for Otokichi birthday. When SPC think of singing a song for Otokichi, Ako refuses.

2. Ako saves Angry bird-Ako is saving Noise's disguise(she doesn't know, of course). This Angry bird become her pet.

3. The reason of not singing- she just wants to sing when her parents are presented.(but they are not absented ...Ako can call them anytime)

4. The reason of fighting as Precure-again? well, beat had been asked, so does Muse. Falsetto just think that there is no reason for Muse to fight anymore since Mephisto goes back to Major Land. Her answer is typical-for the sake of the world.

######################Hibiki Story fine#################

Picture Rhythm

Photo 72

After two weeks, Toei produces this new toy-HeartCatch Music Box (temp)

Photo 73

Previously, we have Saki's birthday (SS), Nozomi's birthday (5GG movie)...all are heroine's birthday...but here is Hero's birthday!

Photo 74

Today's op is also movie op. Mephisto and Ako seem having great roles in the movie...

Photo 75

Breathe! for this cute little Ako!

Photo 76

This pig...is one of the Major 3?

Photo 77

The sponsor pic changes! SPC become a band!

Photo 78

Today's special guest is this Angry bird (Syrup species)

Photo 95

As someone guess last week, this Angry bird  is Noise. (but from black feather to yellow feather?)

Photo 79

On the other hand, Ako asks Kanade for a cake.
Kanade: To who?
Ako: None of your business...

Photo 83Photo 80

but Otokichi birthday card and Dodori betray her.
Kanade: Um...for Otokichi....
Ellen: Oh! What a kind princess!
Ellen looks like her caretaker...

Photo 81

but when they suggest to sing in the birthday party...
Ako: I refuse!

Photo 82

Hibiki: Ako can't sing?
Ellen: I had never heard before...

It is impossible that she can't sing , I would say...
Both cats can sing, Mephisto can sing, Aphrodite can sing (will show later), why she can't sing?

The following scenes are the story of Ako-chan and P-chan(Noi-chan)

Photo 84

Ako meet this Angry bird creature after she ran out of Lucky Spoon
Ako: What? Are you a bird?

Photo 85

Noi-chan:[H-e-l-p M-e-!] (hehe, come and save me, so that I can get into Precure base...)

Photo 86

Luckily, Noi-chan is saved and get the chance to sit on Ako's knee.
Noi-chan: (///)
Noi-chan, beware of Ako's otaku fans.

but Ako, I suggest you should take Noi-chan to:

Photo 91

Inori, there is a new patient for you!
Noi-chan: (I don't want to have injection by Precure!!)

Photo 87
Photo 88

so Noi-chan tries his best to prevent Ako taking him to Inori's vet.
Ako looks happy on his performance.

Photo 89

Noi-chan: P-P-P-[so I don't need to go to that vet?] (sweating....I just come out for 2 eps...I can't be kicked out!)

Photo 90

Ako: Ok, from today onwards, your name is P-chan!
Noi-chan is totally stunned!!
Noi-chan:(I am the last boss of this series!! You call me P-...P-chan.....)

Saying P-chan, there is a P-chan in Ranma:
that P means Pig

Noi-chan, looks like Angry bird in appearance, but actually he has the same fate as *Dar-chan...
Probably, the inner body of Noi-chan is like this:

I also believe that Noi-chan is thinking the same way as Dar-chan here.
Noi-chan: (Well, anyway. I will put my plans into action next ep).

*Dar-chan=the spirit of Dark Power, from OMM

Ako-chan and P-chan END.

Photo 92

Otokichi: (um? I feel that something which doesn't belong to this series invade this series.)

Photo 93

CT: I also feel that...

Photo 94

CT: but we have Muse now.
I know you are sure win, but you have to beware of Angry bird.

Photo 96

Meanwhile, Falsetto knows that Noise is not there....
Falsetto: Noise-sama is lost?

Photo 97

Falsetto: Where is Noise-sama?
Minor Duo: We don't know.
Falsetto: don't know?
Minor Duo: Gyaaaaaaaaa!

Photo 98

SPC, seeing this Primary couple, Hibiki has something to say.
Hibiki: Don't forget us, we are family.

Photo 99

Hibiki's definition of family is Precure.
Ellen: We like Pudding very much!
Kanade: Yes! very much!
Ako: (I don't like pudding that much....)

Photo 100

Later, Ako is in the park, thinking how to sell this toy.

Photo 101

I see, Souta and Ako are dating here.

Photo 102

He won't forget her so-called favourite pudding.

Photo 103

Pudding + park....they are having tea time here? but they don't face together.

Photo 104

Ako reveal the reason of not singing ...and the production of HeartCatch Music Box.

Photo 105

Major family sings after making the Music box....

Photo 106

Mephisto, don't sing with this weird smile...
Conclusion: Ako won't sing without her parents.

Photo 107

You are brave, Souta! protecting girlfriend!

Photo 108

but your opponent is Negatone....

Photo 109

Souta, Let Precure protect you!
Ako: I won't forgive you!

Photo 111

Perhaps all yellow cure know how to use this yellow ball attack.

Photo 112

Falsetto  does what a villain should do--having a hostage. This is the second time for Souta to be hostage.

Photo 113

What a cunning strategy! Preventing us from seeing good fight!

Photo 114

Minor Duo still remember to collect notes...but does it need to? Noise becomes P-chan....

Photo 115
Photo 116

SPC: Don't forget us!
Cool! This ep is the coolest for SPC's rescue, I think.

Photo 117

Bassdra finally has the chance to fight against Precure...but only for a while.

Photo 118

Rhythm: Souta is counted on you.
Your phrase seems to admit Souta x Ako...

Photo 119

Nice! Beat Sonic looks like Sapphire Arrow! but Souta is in danger...

Photo 120

Prince Muse successfully save Princess Souta!

Photo 121

Rhythm: it is really awkward being (princess) hugged by a girl.
You are right, but I forgive him because he is still a child. (and you two have superior power...)

Photo 122

Melody: This is so-called "family".
I would call them as a team more than a family. (by seeing her real family members don't help her when she fight against her father in ep 36...)

Photo 123

Falsetto: Hey! Don't ignore us!
Negatone: Ne--ga!

Photo 124

SPC: of course not!
with Healing chest ready!

Photo 125

See! CT attack is SPC final attack.

Photo 126

Bassdra: Ah~ still failed...
Falsetto: Shut up! I will remember what happen today!
I thought you should find your Noise-sama?

Photo 127

Finally, Ako agrees to sing ...but why she has to take off her glasses?

Photo 110

This is Otokichi's cake. Isn't it too small?

Photo 128

All cakes! The birthday cake looks small just now....
Anyway, SPC + Souta celebrate Otokichi's birthday as a family.

Photo 129

Hey! This couple! Are you showing that you two are closer than SoutaAko?

Photo 130

Noi-chan also has a cake? Is it ok for Angry bird to eat?
Noi-chan completely mixes with Hammy and Fairy tone.

Photo 131

and lastly, SPC singing concert.

Photo 132
Photo 133
Photo 134
Photo 135

From this ep onwards, we can see Muse in 3D. I feel that she doesn't look good in close up shot.

Next Ep!
Photo 136

Noi-chan is carrying out his plan?

Photo 137

Title: FuGya! All notes are disappeared!
the scene looks like Noi-chan is died on the tree...

Photo 138

The ending sponser pic looks better.

Photo 139
Photo 140

Let's Ako's cute picture be the ending of this review.

#################Picture Rhythm fine#################
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