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Muse unmasked review

This is SPC ep 35 review.

Finally, Muse's unmasking day comes. We are not surprised that she is Ako, the first child Precure, also the youngest Precure in Precure history. I believe the current producer is trying to break all the rules existed in PC5, for instance, the oldest Precure (Mint and Aqua are the oldest, Moonlight and Flower are the oldest now), mascot soldier (Milk, it is mascot Precure now, Beat) and the youngest Precure (Lemonade [*note: Luminous is not Precure], after this ep, Muse is the youngest). I think the producer intends to replace PC5 state, but from what I see so far, it is quite difficult.

Back to Muse, it is also not surprised that Mephisto is Ako's father (from their age difference, she won't be his lover, right? as a kid show...). My surprise goes to Mephisto's change to giant monster and how Muse takes off her mask. I thought she only takes off her head mask and leaves her clothes on. However, the staff is not going to explain why she has such nice bodyline when masked, so she takes off like men. The closest example is Hiiragi Keiichi (I will show you in picture rhythm.). According to the anime I watch, woman won't take off like this, don't even say with boots and gloves.

Owing to Muse, Melody and Beat notice Mephisto's headphone, which some of us did earlier, implying the existence of the final boss. Melody names that as the evil heart of Mephisto, I hope that it is not just like that.

There is not much storyline in this ep. It just tells you the relationship between Muse and Mephisto and the true identity of Muse. A weird scene is Otokichi appearing in Major Land and stop Aphrodite. He has the right to stop her means he has the same rank, or even higher rank than Aphrodite. (Please don't tell me that Aphrodite is his daughter...)

Minor Trio are supposed to find notes again, but they are caught being lazy by Mephisto. (What a tough boss!) Hence, they are at rest again.
The fight today...is there any fight? Besides that robot attack and harmony attack, SPC are only dodging Mephisto's attack, for the sake of Muse. Therefore, when you watch this ep, it is better to focus on Muse and Mephisto, this is what the staffs require us for this ep.

Since I watched this ep in keyhole, I could watch some precure ads, including movie ads. According to movie ad, Muse is going to shoot that robot attack together with the other three, so there is no more group attack besides this one? Another info I get from the ad is crystal tone, I don't know if it is for SPC power up to crescendo SPC. Also, for next ep preview, I feel weird that Ako still needs a Module agreement scene.

Hibiki Story

1. Muse's true identity-Ako, Mephisto's daughter, that is Minor princess. Hence, it is fair that sporty-graceful (Hibiki-Kanade) , Major-Minor(Ellen-Ako).

2. Mephisto's headphone- indicating either there is a higher boss or his evil heart (by Hibiki)

3. Otokichi’s mystery- He appears in Major Land, talking to Aphrodite and Dodori, and knowing the existence of CT, who is he by the way?

########################Hibiki Story Fine#########################

Picture Rhythm

Most of the pictures are from 2ch.

According to last ep....
SPC: Mephisto, go to hell---!

Muse defends Mephisto from robot attack.

Let's have a movie ad. The funniest thing in this scene is Mephisto wearing suit.

Dodori: I understand Muse's feeling of Mephisto...
but Muse is thinking of other thing ...
Muse: (Finally, I have to get rid of this clothing...)

On the other hand, Otokichi strives for his appearance by..
Otokichi's wonderful meeting 1: stopping Aphrodite from going to Human World.

Otokichi wonderful meeting 2: meeting Dodori.

Meanwhile, Minor Trio are supposed to find notes, but they see....

such adorable Cure Muse in Movie ad!
As a yellow cure, I think she is the cutest among all yellow cures (yes, even Pine). Lemonade will be the 2nd cutest. However, for civilian form, she can't beat Urara.

Mephisto, as a father, should get rid of those pests(Minor Trio) from his daughter...
I think I should say the truth, otherwise Minor Trio image is completely destroyed.

This is the actual thing they see.  After the training , they love to eat.

Today's Negatone is a combined "robot"(?)

Today's slogan is not "We won't forgive you", it is "We will protect all the people!"

The only physical attack in my impression is this Harmony kick.

After that, they hide at the corner and begin their discussion.

How long we had not seen Siren? 
Ellen suddenly remembers her headphone from Mephisto.

Beat: What I can hear from that headphone is spoiling noise!
Melody: Is that headphone out of order?
Rhythm: but Mephisto is wearing it...is he something wrong?
*Only the first dialogue is actual dialogue

Beat: That means...
Melody: there is a boss above him!!
Is it the time for you to come out this conclusion? Please take note of the people outside!

Melody: We are fighting against the evil heart which control Mephisto!
I think you watch Seiya too much , Melody...Mephisto is not *Saga
*Saga is Gemini Saint who has both kind and evil heart.

Anyway, let's get their job done first. This combined robot still can't beat CT!

When Hammy get the notes happily, Mephisto takes the notes...

and become Mephisto Giant!! Hey, it is not last ep yet!

Why his attack is like Dune in HCPC last ep? Don't tell me he is doing the same thing in the last ep.
Beat quickly uses Beat Barrier to defend. What a quick reponse!

Muse: (it should be my show time now...)
Yes! this is the time she takes off her mask. As a woman, (and we know the different height between this Muse to real Muse) I thought she just takes off the head Mask...but..

!!! She takes off all her clothing!! Hey! this is a kid show! 
The animation of this unmask scene may be too fast. Let's see the following imaged example.

Image Character: Hiiragi Keiichi
Somehow his Usamimi costumes is alike Muse (also have head mask, cape, gloves and boots)

The way how he unwears his clothes should be similar to what Muse does in the unmask scene.

From this image scene, he pull off cape, gloves, shirt, bloomers, boots  and face mask. What should he look in next scene?

Only his head band, his tail and a tight legging...Yes, he looks "hentai"(Bunny Man), but this is how the unmask/unwear scene does.

Applying the same theory to Muse, she doesn't throw the gloves(she may throw it, but the picture I have doesn't show) and the black clothing, so what she left should be her face with Muse one piece clothing (without gloves and boots)

Ok! Back to the Scene!


Beat: !!

Oh yes, she is the first cure with long sleeves and bloomer skirt. Nevetheless, do yellow cures can't escape from bloomers? Except Sunshine, all yellow cures are decorated with bloomer garment:
Lemonade: bloomer sleeves (5GG)
Pine: bloomer arm band
Muse: bloomer skirt

How she wear this costume underneath her original Muse clothes? In 2ch, someone had posted this interesting fanart:

The cross-section of Muse. I think this cross section is possible and this also explains that why Toei shows us Ako can stand on bamboo sticks in last ep.

Mephisto: Ako....
Wow! He can recognize her even she is in Precure form!

Mephisto: Ako...How can you take off your clothes in front of everybody...?
Thinking of the name Ako, actually there is a real Jap singer called Aco:
Is her name from this singer?

Muse: Please stop it, Papa!
Papa!? As a princess, is it more proper to call "Chichi ue" (Father)

Suddenly, the headphone goes crazy....

and take him back to Minor land...

Before talking about next ep, I am concerned on the name list here...
Since Muse had been revealed, why Ako's name still put at the back? (even below Otokichi)

Next ep!

God! How you get rid of your black eye circle? ah...this is his past photo...

Aphrodite, don't do the same thing as Mephisto!!
so...Ako, you still want to pretend as a child?

Mephisto: No-----!
for what?

Ako, is the transformation scene giving you surprise?

but why you still need this Module agreement scene?

Title: KiraKira-n! Deliver Muse's thought from heart!

########################Picture Rhythm Fine#########################
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