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Mephisto's Review

This is spc ep 34 review.

After watching this ep, firstly, I would like to say...Mephisto is not a remarkable boss enemy! I don't feel any excitement from his arrival. He is even worse than Dune. The best description for his arrival is- another cadre! Yes! Another cadre! What he does in this ep is the same as Minor Trio. If he is the final boss, it is way too weak as he is almost defeated by SPC robot attack.

Minor trio, on the contrary, they are very carefree that they have the mood to have barbeque, even Mephisto come today. (perhaps they want to welcome him by BBQ) Although Mephisto looks weak in this ep, I have to praise for his management of his subordinates, by asking them for guarding the legendary score. It is the first time for a boss character doing this in Precure, or even magical girl history, because there are many enemies in their base previously. Mephisto's order also imply that there are no more cadre added in this series.

This ep is going for Muse's line, so we can't find any storyline for SPC except fighting. Ako's free service is just a metaphor of Muse's character.

In the battle, we also can see Muse's piano can produce barrier, which means Precure in this series is the same as HCPC- 2 attacked cures +2 defended cures. The fight today is quite exciting when Muse vs Mephisto and SPC passionato harmony is defeated. However, even PH is broken, SPC still looks stronger than Mephisto (well, they can even defeat that golem.). In the conclusion, Mephisto is not threatening. As I had mentioned that there are no cadre added in the future, Minor group can be considered as the weakest villain in Precure history.

Hibiki story

1. Who is Muse trying to protect?- According to the end of this ep, the person she want to protect is Mephisto. Due to her protection, the notes are stolen, and Aphrodite knows her identity. Dodori is also in the dilemma at that moment.

2. Ako's smile and Muse's character- Ako seldom smile in front of people,so does Muse. They are similar that they are not good at expressing their emotion and do not easily believe others.

3. Passionato Harmony is broken again-by Mephisto(+Negatone) beam. However, don't worry, they have so many attacks to use, including that robot attack.

4. Muse is a defensive Precure-her piano attack includes barrier function. Actually, her barrier had been shown in ep 19.

################Hibiki Story fine##################

Picture Rhythm

In the beginning of this ep, Muse is thinking how she should appear in this ep.

SPC, on the other hand, try to analysis Muse's character by observing Ako's rare service (to the cat).

Meanwhile, Minor trio are holding welcome BBQ party (?) for Mephisto.

Bassdra:Mephisto-sama, do you want to eat?
Mephisto: I am not coming here for eating!!
Yes, that is not your purpose to be here in this ep.

Mephisto: You all should go to Minor Land and help guarding the score!
Minor Trio: Eh!? (Lucky...we are not fired...)

Back to SPC, Ellen is blushed when Hammy points out her similarity to Ako and Muse.

CT is being grumbled that she always sleeps. (don't be too far, SPC, you always use her as attack recently! Please be more considerate.)

To meet SPC, firstly, Mephisto has to prepare a Negatone representing SPC.
Please see the colors of the notes

Why Melody is considered as Violin...um...because her mother is violinist?
and then...Flute to Rhythm....don't know...
Guitar and Beat are related...the Green note...is associated with Sori?

String-woodwind dragon Negatone!

I thought he will directly meet SPC...he is too shy(?) that he need to
call a combined Negatone to "invite" them. (he also didn't face Melody
and Rhythm directly in ep21.) Well, in another aspect, initiativity is
not required for a king.

Bassdra: Good job, Mephisto!
!! How dare you, Bassdra! surpassing your boss!

Baritone and Falsetto: Mephisto? are you going nuts?
Bassdra is speechless....

Bassdra: I used to it....because I am too happy...
but treating Mephisto as Negatone is unforgivable...Bassdra..
Mephisto is scolding you behind!

What is he talking about? well,because the audio equipment in Minor Land is out of order, I try to interpret by his body language.

Luckily, Minor Trio can't hear|||

Is the scene so far from their starting point?
In ep 32, they don't even walk/run such a long way to the scene.

SPC use their proud attack-passionato harmony, which helped them defeating golem in ep 29, to serve Mephisto.

Mephisto: I won't lose to you! Negatone, shoot Minor Beam!
What? Minor Beam? It comes from three instruments....

In anime, there are 2 categories for beam attack (as far as I know):
1. Physical beam
The beam comes from energy source, and the attack should be linear (thin) beam, like laser beam. For example, Getter beam (the source is Getter line in Getter robot), KoushiRyoku beam (the source is KoushiRyouku=the power of heat particles, in Mazinger Z), Crescent Beam (Sailor Venus attack, the source is from crescent moon formed from her finger). These beams can kill enemies.

2. Characteristic beam
The beam comes from the character's personality, and the attack looks like cannon. The typical example is all beam attacks from Onegai My Melody Kuru Kuru Shuffle. The attack name is according to the character appearance/ability/personlity, such as Keiichi's Hunkalicious Beam, Baku's Losing dog Beam etc. (BTW, Minor Beam does look like Losing Dog Beam [the colour]) These beams only can cause some damage to the enemy, but they can't kill villains.

Apparently, Mephisto's is not Physical beam.
Also, Mephisto, you are doing the same thing as Kumojacky...naming the attack.

Beam to Beam (PH)

Eye to Eye....
Since Mephisto is a king, he can't lose by this so-called high level attack.

Here Muse comes. Her arrival means SPC's PH loses.

Muse: (Finally, I get my show time...)

Muse: (What? My opponent is him?)
What's wrong with Mephisto as your opponent?

It seems something wrong to Muse when she faces Mephisto, she doesn't give any attack to him, but Mephisto don't care.

!! Suddenly CT attack!?

Mephisto's image of SPC (Negatone) is destroyed first.

Mephisto had tried to stop CT, but you know, how can a human stop a robot (^^!)...
It seems we have to say goodbye to Mephisto...

Muse defends for him!!

CT (+SPC) is too shock that they just fly across them.

Aphrodite: Muse...your identity is....(please leave it to next ep)

Mephisto...I thought you escape...you still have the time to do the same thing as Minor Trios.
Well, collecting note is essential for him too....but where did you get that bottle?

Melody: Muse...he is the one you want to protect...what is your relationship to him?
Muse: (Don't misunderstand me....and don't ask me...)

Next ep!

Muse is thinking of Mephisto?

Mephisto works as Minor Trio again?

Aphrodite's sercet meeting with Otokichi?

Finally, Bi Guilty (legendary score) is going to finish!!

Title: Jakin! Finally, Muse is unmasked!
What is Jakin? Please see the last scene of HCPC and SPC OP.

Will Muse speak next week?

There is an extra guy in this end card.....

################Picture Rhythm fine##################
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