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SPC training review

This is spc ep 31 review.

Expectedly, this ep is a typical training ep. It is more general than FPC, but the description of cooperation is much better than fpc because they set the training and find out by themselves. At the same time, minor trio also train themselves to reflect spc training. The story pattern is similar to pc5.

The power up attack is expected to be precure shooting star ~crescendo tone version~. Basically, this attack is similar to 5 explosion that spc need to ride on crescendo tone. Yes, you just treat crescendo tone as a robot, spc suck in, and crash like Godbird/Acastic buster (from Reideen and cybaster respectively). What's the piano for? If you had watch Wataru before, you know its function. (Don't worry, I will show you in picture rhythm)

A mystery of this ep is Dan. He suddenly appears in the middle of the ep (perhaps I miss some scene in the beginning). He doesn't take part in the camp with spc, what he appears for? Just be their guardian? I thought he is very busy...

About Muse, currently, I still can't figure out what she intends to do before her actual appearance.

As a training ep, it is quite good, but as an entertaining filler, it is quite boring...

Hibiki story

1. The purpose of spc training-for executing that shooting star attack.

2. Spc and minor trio training-spc go to mountain and carry out several trainings - karate (hibiki), aerobics (kanade) and meditation (ellen). They climb mountain on the next day and realise the importance of cooperation (harmony power). On the other hand, minor trio only keep eating (for power up?), beware of your weight.

3. Hibiki has a villa- so rich? well, hers is not as large as Karen, it is a small hut for Dan to compose.

4. Precure Suite Session Ensemble- i.e. Shooting star ~crescendo tone ver.~ spc needs to create a piano way from healing chest, and then crescendo tone become crashing machine, SPC become the pilots. The phrase before the attack is "Come out! The whole musical source! Let's deliver, The symphony of hope!". By the way, what is the relation between these musical phrase to the robotic attack? This is another weird attack after FPC.

#####################Hibiki Story Fine########################

Picture Rhythm

All Pictures are from 2ch.

Photo 81

Last ep, Melody nearly can use shooting star ~crescendo tone ver.~, so they ask Crescendo tone for details. (while they have their tea time)

Photo 82

Hibiki: What is that Shooting star attack?

CT: That is...
SPC: That is....

Photo 83

CT: You have to find the answer by yourself....
Hibiki: Is she fooling us!?

Photo 84

Hibiki: We can't rely on CT anymore. Hence, let's have training!
Ellen & Kanade: Training?
Kanade: (I thought our senior also had done such thing before...)

Photo 88

Bassdra: What? Training?
Baritone: We also have to train as well...
Bassdra: I have an idea...

Photo 86

~on the training day~

This is proper camping costume.

Photo 85

Ellen: See! I had read Camp Technique before coming here!
but....are you reading the wrong book?

Is she Ellen we know last ep?

Photo 87

Are you reading America guide book instead?
See, Jun is the example. This is the picture when he is back from USA. Are they synchronise?
In ep 28 review, I had mentioned Jun before. Yes, he is Hiiragi Jun from Onegai My Melody (Sukkiri).
Because of him, we know that Ellen is right-handed. (Jun is left-handed)

Photo 89

Except the costume, her bag is a proper equipment. They need to cross the dangerous bridge (as promise) to reach their destination.

Photo 90

Are you afraid of height, Hammy? I can't see that in ep 21.

Photo 91

The destination is - Dan's villa!
Hibiki is not as rich as Karen, but....still in a rich family.

Photo 92

First training (by Hibiki)-Karate
Want to enrol in Itsuki's Doujo (but Meidouin Style is Aikido...)?

Photo 93

Second training (by Kanade) -aerobics
Want to take part in Clover town dance contest?

Photo 94

Third training (by Ellen)-Meditation
Are you intend to record this experience into this DVD:

The Meditation-16-hour special
Suggesting Meditation is like Dororo, is it because of image colour (both are blue)?

Photo 95

On the other hand, Minor Trio train themselves to be food fighter!!

Photo 96

and...Dan, are you going to train with SPC?

Photo 98

Back to SPC....they are really challenging for The Meditation DVD!!
By the way, did they discuss for the clothes they bring for the camp? Karate, aerobics and this old-fashioned PE costume...I believe they didn't discuss for aerobics suit, but Karate and that PE costumes are in one set!

Photo 97

Ellen: I am the one who suggest....so I can't give up....

Photo 100

After few minutes, however, they give up together!
It is so fantastic to give up together! (by SPC)
Is that Ok for Precure, who always suggest "never give up"?

Photo 101

Meanwhile, Minor Trio never give up eating!!

After eating that pink don, egg don and Ramen are waiting for you!

Photo 102

Bassdra: What? still have dessert!?
Baritone: I can't take it....

Photo 104

I am more appeciated for Minor Trio than SPC, at least they "never give up"!
but Bassdra, beware of your weight.

I understand why Minor Trio sleep outside, but I don't understand why SPC have to sleep outside....

Photo 107

and what a "cruel" father....letting his daughter and her friends sleeping outside (and smiling at them|||), then he sleep comfortably in the hut...

Photo 106

Hammy: AA! It is shooting star!
Yes, it may be Dream using Precure shooting star in somewhere.

Photo 108

Because of this machine, Minor Trio can't sleep well. They have to punish it as today's Negatone!

Photo 109

Last training- Climbing mountain in the early morning

Photo 110
Photo 111

SPC: Oh~ what a beautiful sunrise~

~The End~

Photo 112

Ding Dong! Seven colourful and beautiful note
#Kibou Rainbow....

Wait! SPC haven't fight yet!!

Photo 113

Dori: Hey! there is a Negatone in the town Dori!!
SPC: What?
What? Fairy tone, you all didn't involve in this camp?

Photo 114

They don't need to worry about anyone seeing them (may be they should aware of Dan?) , as they transform on the top of the mountain!

Photo 115

After transformed, what we can see is SPC kick...it is not a normal kick...

Photo 116

This is time speeding kick! Can you see? when they reach the scene, it is already mid- morning!
This is one of the training result?

Photo 117

Bassdra, you still have the power to tease SPC....the other two are suffering from stomachache...

Photo 118

Why the Harmony Power is in Pink?
Anyway, they power up because these guys spoil their training, asking them to jump down from a top hill...
Yes! this is their anger!! XDD

Photo 119

CT: It is the time, Precure!

Before showing Precure new attack, let me give you some ideas/concept of this attack.
The following is the image clip:

This is a robot summon clip from Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru 2.
Why I use this as image?

Photo 120

Let's substitute the items appear in the clip to Precure attack:

Kou-ryu Ken(Bright Dragon Sword)-Healing Chest
Heart magical circle- star mark
Ryusei-Maru - Crescendo Tone

Photo 121
Photo 122

What they are doing here is like how Wataru fade into Ryusei maru

Photo 123

Fade in!
SPC become the pilots of CT!

Ok! What does CT intend to do? The following is the image of this attack:

Photo 54

Just treat it as Crescendo Tone in HD version XD

Photo 55

Dragon under Wataru-piano way

but SPC is doing shooting star pose all the way.

FYI, Wataru only ride on the dragon and give command for controlling Ryusei Maru

Photo 56

and CT does exactly the same as Ryusei Maru.

Photo 57

I think this Chinese name is more proper than Precure Suite Session Ensemble...
What is Ensemble? um...it is similar to (or it can say it is another name of) Orchestra.
FYI, the Chinese name in this picture means Bright Dragon Crashing Punch. 

Photo 58

CT go through Negatone like this picture.

SPC: Finale! (Note--catch?)

don't need to count 3 beats?

Photo 125

Bassdra: Unfair! How can they summon robot!?
Falsetto & Baritone: we want to go back home~

Photo 126

Dodori: What happen? Muse..
Muse: (I think I should join them asap, otherwise the show become robot anime...)

Photo 127

Let's celebrate SPC be pilots of CT!
(don't tell me that when Muse join in, they just add her as another pilot of CT...)

Next ep!

Photo 133

We are Little Women Trio!
Who is Jo, Meg or Beth?

Photo 128

Minor Trio: We are beautiful and kind sisters~
Children: (who can get rid of these aunts...?)

Photo 129

Minor Trio: What----happen----? Help----us----!!

Photo 130

Muse: Don't ruin children's image of woman

Photo 131

Title: OroOro~ Healing Chest is stolen!!

Photo 132

End card with Bassdra's special service...
Anyway, we should prepare sick bag for next ep. XD

#####################Picture Rhythm Fine########################
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