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Hibiki test review

This is SPC ep 30 review.

The title is about Healing chest, but it is actually about Hibiki test. Waon's appearance and Otokichi's relationship to Crescendo tone make this ep more interesting. However, this ep cause 2 conflicts to previous settings:

1. Hibiki's and Ellen's intelligence

In ep 7, Hibiki is able to communicate to foreigner, although she asks Kanade the English of "Left".

In ep 28, Ellen introduces herself in very silly way.

What I want to say is that Hibiki is not that dumb (like Nozomi and Erika), and logically Ellen should not get very high mark in the test. (She just goes to school for few days!!)

2. Mephisto's knowledge of Healing chest

In last ep, he knows where SPC goes by hearing "Crescendo Tone". He knows Crescendo Tone which means he had seen healing chest before or get the info of healing chest and Crescendo Tone from the book or somewhere. (Crescendo Tone won't suddenly leave the chest and see him right?)

However, in this ep, he doesn't even know the appearance of healing chest (don't even say what is inside the chest), why he know SPC goes to that Devil tune forest in last ep?

Another conflict is what Bassdra doubts, SPC successfully defeat that Golem. According to Mephisto, or as jitsch said, he loses to Golem. That means Golem is higher level than him, yet that Golem was defeated last ep, with just Triple Passionato Harmony (don't even need to use Berither)...Bassdra is right to ask: what is it so frightening about that forest? And my question is: Is Mephisto really the boss class enemy? Last ep, I argue with jitsch(mainly) about Mephisto's involvement in the battle. If he didn't say anything about going to the forest previously, there is no conflict for his power.

My usual concept (I don't know what you think about their power rank) is Mephisto>Golem>Siren>Minor Trio, but since he said he meets something scary, i.e. he lose to Golem (although he said he forgot(brainwash), he should meet Golem if he went there before), the power rank will be Golem>Mephisto>Siren>Minor Trio, and Precure defeat Golem! Mephisto is not threatening at all!! Ep 34 title is his arrival to Kanon town, so his position should be Despairah/Kanchou position. If he involves in the battle last ep, his power rank will still Mephisto>Golem>Siren>Minor Trio.

In this ep, he knows nothing about the chest, he should not know about Crescendo Tone, what he knows is only "Getting the chest=leave the forest safely". However, as I had mentioned above, his lose to Golem is a problem to his power.

Waon's appearance is so wonderful that I think making Ellen be Cure Beat is not the right choice...

Oh yes, this ep writer is Narita, who is Pc5 script writer, so there is some parodies to Pc5.

that Crescendo tone....besides powering up and healing/feeding fairy tone, she only can use for tricking others by sound (one of the victims: Ako). The power up is disappointed because it is just reusing Cure Dream attack...in Crescendo tone version.

There is a concern about the development of SPC. Starting from ep 29, SPC is going to the climax part of the main storyline, like next ep power up, ep 32 is healing chest lost, ep 33 rounding up SPC dream, ep 34 Mephisto comes to Kanon town (I thought he had come before?), ep 35 is Muse reveal...assuming that there are 5 eps holding for Muse, what are the staff going to do with the last 9 ep (if it is 49 ep in total)? 5 fillers and 4 for ending?  I feel that the mainline have been pushed too fast, in order to make Muse appear...and I get the feeling that SPC may not have 49 eps...it may be less than 49...(I also realise that 25 Dec and 1 Jan 2012 are Sundays)

Lastly, I would like to talk about my recent review with My melo. I received complains that adding my melo is annoying due to lack of knowledge on the anime "Onegai my melody". I feel sorry for those feel annoying about my frequent parody on this anime, but I don't think the reason is the ignorance of the anime, it should be the dislike of OMM. Sometimes I also put some animes or Tokusatsu/Sentai (which female viewers usually don't know), if you are not interested, you can skip the pictures. (if you are interested, you won't complain and go to find info for that anime/Tokusatsu/Sentai) For OMM, besides Hiiragi/Usamimi Kamen, My melo and Kuromi should be well known even you don't know the anime, because they are Sanrio products. My melo, its actual name is My Melody. Another information which I didn't tell you all is Hibiki's voice actor is actually the voice actor of a main character in OMM. The reason of adding this parody to the review had been written in last ep comments, so I won't repeat. The parody stories like ep 21, 22 and 30 are actually my feeling to the ep itself, the similarities to OMM, as well as SPC MAD to OMM.

Some missing OMM info I didn't explain in my previous review (because I expect you may find it yourself, as all OMM eps can be found in You Tube):

My Melody (my melo): The magic spell she uses in this review is from OMM sukkiri.
If you don't know, you can just treat that scenes (ep 21,30 review) as an unknown rabbit casting a spell to Precure.

Yumeno Uta (in ep 21 review): My melo's partner

Kuromi and Baku: My melo's rival

Hiiragi Keiichi: Kuromi's partner, a rich handsome violinist in OMM. Usamimi Kamen is his another identity. Jun (mentioned in ep 28 review, there is a picture in ep 29 review, under next ep preview) is his brother, he plays guitar.

The OMM eps use in recent reviews are from OMM ep 16, OMM Kuru Kuru Shuffle ep 25, OMM Sukkiri ep 18 and 43.

I don't tell you previously because it doesn't affect the review itself even you don't know. (you can just see the pictures and read the caption to get the info)

Will I add OMM in the future? No, most likely, unless I find the similarity again(or any tsukkomi).
Last ep's "become the light" is from Brave King GaoGaiGar.

Hibiki Story

1. The function of Healing Chest- Healing/feeding fairy tones, making sound (noise), and giving new attack to Melody.

2. Hibiki and Waon- From this ep, it can confirm that Hibiki and Waon are very good friends. Hibiki can call Waon by whistle (due to her first name). Both of  them are bad in studies.

3. Otokichi and Crescendo Tone- they know each other for a long time. Otokichi tells Crescendo Tone about his completion of the organ. What does he use the organ for? Just gathering notes in ep 18?

4. Melody new attack?-it is failed, but it is just Precure shooting star~crescendo tone ver.~

5. Mephisto's memory- He forgot his adventure to Devil Tune forest...there is a hidden plot to his earphones.

#################Hibiki story Fine####################

Picture Rhythm

All pictures are from 2ch.

Today's HibiKana are very intimate...
Like this one..

Kanade: Hibiki, very cute (poking)

Photo 95

Here is another one..

Kanade: Hibiki, A~

Photo 96

Hibiki:A-M! (eating) ///

Photo 68

Hibiki's crisis...
Hibiki: (oh no...even a cat is cleverer than me....)

Photo 69

Doraemon feel: Chan~! Healing Chest!

Photo 70

Hibiki: I think it can use for my test....
Kanade: No!

Photo 71

Even crescendo tone won't help her...
Crescendo tone: you should do it by yourself.

Previously, Nozomi know about Dream Collet function, she also want to use it for her homework...
Rin: You should do it by yourself.
Coco: Hahaha!

Photo 72

Ellen: there is a jewel in it...
so you want to sell it?
Hammy: it is just a decoration.

Photo 73

Kanade: it may need to insert coin...
Hammy: there is no space to put in coins
why you think of putting coins? It is not piggy bank.

Nice Tsukkomi, Hammy.

Photo 74

I think it is the first time seeing a proper textbook in Precure series...but it looks like kindergarden textbook (we can see a box for writing the name)

Photo 76

Hibiki suddenly uses finger whistle....

Photo 77

To call Waon!!
Waon: Hibiki, are you calling me?
Hibiki: Yes! Yes!

Why Hibiki calls Waon like that? because of her first name Waon-the dog's bark.
but what is that secret code? XD it seems Waon and Hibiki is closer than Hibiki and Kanade.

Photo 78

Waon: E? What? Finally, I can appear for helping you, can't I ?

Photo 79

Then she begins to talk about her story last night-hearing bark at night while jogging.
As a boyish character, she looks even better than Itsuki, can be comparable to Rin.

Photo 80

A nice (rare?)close up for her. I find that her drawing is even better than SPC....
so the staff also like Waon very much?

Photo 81

Kanade: is this story related?
Waon: No.
Hibiki: No?

She just tells a story to cheer Hibiki up.

Photo 82

Can Waon help Hibiki? No.
Hibiki: this is your mark for last test?
Ellen: the mark is "amazing"...

Photo 83

As both Waon and Hibiki are dumb, they are playing silly act...
Waon: Mou, Hibiki, it can't help it (hearted, keep poking)
Hibiki: Ehe! Sorry. 

Photo 85

On the other hand, there is another Baka (stupid guy)...
Bassdra: I don't want to ask, but.....

Photo 86

Bassdra: is it really scary? that forest....

Photo 87

Mephisto: What? you suspect me?
I suspect you too....

Mephisto: You know, I was in bad shape during my adventure to the forest!!
Minor Trio: (Don't make ghost face!!)

Photo 88

Minor Trio: Tell us! Tell us!!
Mephisto: Annoying! Noisy!

Photo 89

Mephisto: How can I tell you? I forgot already...
Then you quickly remember within these 19 eps!!

Photo 146

and please answer for your action of standing in front of water in last ep!!
Don't tell me that you also forgot!

Photo 90

After that test, Hibiki receives Hammy's attack-shinning test papers!
Hammy: This is Kanade's.
Hibiki: Stop it!!
Hammy: and this is Siren's.
Hibiki: A---! I can't take it---!

Photo 91

Hibiki is died...
Kanade: I don't know our test papers are so aggressive...

Photo 92

Hibiki's power is charged by her stair dance!

Photo 93

The stairs won't have any sound, it should be Fairy tone's trick...
Dori: We don't know anything.
Reri: Don't blame us.

Photo 94

The most awkward drawing in this ep. I think Kanade and Ellen are more awkward than Hibiki, their bodies are like chopsticks...

Photo 97

Ellen: Healing chest is healing..
Hibiki & Kanade: (very cold gag...)

Photo 98

To feed fairy tones, you need to have piano skill like Lang Lang playing on iPad piano XD

Photo 99

After eating, it is the time for nap. (I am hoping there is sudden  Precure battle now XD)

Photo 100

Ako appears again, for her first embrassment...walking with funny sound...
If Ako is princess, what is Crescendo tone's purpose of fooling Ako?

Photo 101

Ghost event in the hall! Organ can play by itself!!
Ellen has goosebump!

Photo 102

Otokichi enjoys listening to the so-called performance.
Ellen: What... happen? Mr. Otokichi!!

Photo 103

Otokichi: is that you? Crescendo Tone.
!! Even Otokichi know Crescendo Tone!! Then it is not surprised that he knows these girls are Precure...

Photo 104

Crescendo Tone: You are looking all right, Otokichi...

Photo 105

!! Why you know him?

Photo 107

Hibiki: Ano~
Kanade: Mr. Otokichi, why you know Crescendo Tone?

A. because Otokichi had watched SPC Movie before it airs
B. Toei asks him for promoting the tone...

but the answer is ...SECRET!

In HCPC, this woman also said SECRET when Tsubomi asks about Zetsubou II....

so What is Otokichi's final answer?
A. He is Precure XDDDD
B. He is mascot like Coupe XDDD

Photo 106

and Crescendo Tone knows his construction of the Organ.

Photo 109

Hibiki, when you draw it? That Waon is funny...
Knowing the sound culprit is Crescendo Tone..

Hibiki: Why you do these?
Crescendo tone: Just to cheer Hibiki up.
Really? From what I see, they are practical jokes, esp to Ako.

Photo 110

Hibiki, is it ok to show your test paper?

Photo 111

What is this photo sticker posing? haha!

Photo 112

Hibiki, no matter how you tear, you can't escape from ...

Photo 113

Your low mark test paper Negatone!!

Photo 114

So the usual phrase changes to "I won't give you!"
Who wants your test paper?
(of course, they are actually talking about healing chest.)

Photo 115

Test paper right? so it like to quiz like..

Five de Chance, but don't worry, those buttons are not Hoshina~

Photo 116
Photo 117

so Rhythm and Beat can press instantly!

Their question are easy: the English word of their respective colour.

Photo 118

Minor Trio face represents us- feeling bored for no physical fight!
Falsetto: What is it doing?
Bassdra: How do I know?
Baritone: it's your Negatone, isn't it?

Photo 119

but only Melody can't even answer a primary school level question.....
Her question is the Japanese word of Pink.
Melody: Pink!
Negatone: Wrong!
Rhythm: Momoiro!

Photo 120

It is weird that Melody gets new power for her inability of answering question...
Crescendo tone, I thought you are the one to ask her work hard herself in the beginning...then you help her cheat now...

Photo 121

What is this spoiled mother...
Crescendo Tone: In my opinion, Melody, your answer is always right.

What is Hanamaru?

This is Hanamaru (flower with circle) from Keroro.
What is the question? Cyclamen's flower language. The answer can be found in HCPC ep 2.
The question is asked by Coco (Dororo), then Kirima (556) answers...

Photo 122
Photo 123
Photo 124
Photo 125
Photo 126
Photo 145

Is it ok for Healing chest promotion?
This is Precure Crescendo shooting star explosion!!

Photo 144

Perhaps Melody doesn't feel good for using her Prince (Pls see Dx3 review) attack, so she give up...
but I wonder if this giant Crescendo tone will appear in the movie....

Photo 127

Rhythm: Now this is Precure Quiz time!
What? why you do the same thing as Negatone....

Photo 130

Rhythm: What is that complaint faces!? You can do, why I can't do? It's unfair!

Photo 128

Minor Trio: Ok, we are ready!
These three guys suddenly looks like professors...(of Precure?)

Photo 129

and Precure even asks us to answer...
Even we know the answer, don't involve us for just a Negatone!

Photo 131
Photo 132

by seeing Precure attack so many times, they know Precure attack procedure very well.
Firstly, Precure have to call their weapon out!
Bassdra: Miracle Berither!
Baritone: Fantastic Berither!
Falsetto: Love Guitar Rod!
Also Correct!

Photo 133

but our cunning Precure won't let you say out their attack...

Photo 134

SPC: Finale!!
Minor Trio: Unfair!!
now then you know Precure is always cheating XD

Photo 136

A mystery of this ep....how can SPC collect the notes just after coming back from Major Land..?

Photo 137

because it is Melody test paper, she quickly takes it away.

and this is the topical picture in 2ch..by changing the note to (beep! beep!)

Next ep!

Photo 139

While SPC is training like hell....

Photo 140
Photo 142

Minor Trio are eating like hell!

Photo 143

Title: One Two! Power up with Precure camp!

Photo 141

with Ellen's cowboy endcard.

#################Picture Rhythm Fine####################
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