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Melody Chest Review

This is spc ep 29 review.

The pattern of this ep is almost the same as FPC ep32, i.e. Going to a forest, fighting against monsters and getting the treasure. I am quite appreciated that the enemy in the forest is from mephisto. Also, they are not getting the chest just for power up. It can cure fairy tones! Yes! Healing chest is fairy tone charger! A shocking news in this ep is crescendo tone is their mother! She is really an adult tone!!

For the fight...except passionato harmony, spc talks more than fights. Spc also put on Mephisto headphone...in this series, only muse and aphrodite hasn't put on! Oh! Mephisto headphone is as scary as my melo hood! (but not as scary as Kowaina Mask)

Due to such story structure, what our minor trio only can do is to collect more notes while spc are in major land.
Hibiki Story

1. Crescendo tone-she gives birth to all fairy tones. She is now inside the tone.

2. Spc transforms without tone-Aphrodite helps them to transform. In the forest, they also can retransform by themselves.

3. Mephisto and the forest-he seems can control the forest. According to Aphrodite, healing chest is stolen by a devil...that devil is mephisto?

4. Mephisto points out spc weakness-as told in ep 19, they can't fight alone. Spc's answer is the same as ep 19-trusting one another even they are separated.

##########hibiki story fine########

Picture Rhythm

Most of the pictures are from 2ch!

Yes, our My melo invade this review again....as a guest in Major Land!

Let's begin the story!

According to last ep, Fairy tones are dying...

Photo 146

Hence, SPC have to ride this piano board to Major Land.
Hibiki: just ride this can go to Major Land....it is easier that going to Palmier kingdom, isn't it?
Err...going to Precure Palace and Sweets kingdom are even easier!

Photo 147

Ellen: Let's go, Kanade!
Kanade: Don't pull me, Ellen!

Photo 148

What is this picture? Regardless the picture quality (today's drawing is weird), this is dating picture!
Prince and Princess section continues from DX3? Kanade is forever Princess!

Photo 149

Minor Trio: It's good...they can go to Major Land....
We should go back to Minor Land and tell this to Mephisto!

Photo 150

Knowing what happen to SPC,
Mephisto: What!? Siren goes to Major Land ! (Is this the main point?) Anyway, I know what they are trying to do!

Minor Trio: Bravo! Mephisto-sama!
Mephisto: so you all just continue collecting the notes!
Minor Trio: Roger~!

Photo 152

Hammy and Ellen hadn't go back to Major Land since ep 1...

Photo 153

SPC are still on the highway to Major Land....so long!!

Photo 154

I think this Hammy face is precious XD

Photo 155Photo 206
Photo 158Photo 192

Somehow Aphrodite looks like Keiichi in this ep (expression wise)
because both of them are defined as beauty?

The forest Aphrodite mention is called Devil tune forest.....
is it this one?

There is such place in Mariland! Major land also has such place?

Photo 157

Aphrodite also explains that the healing chest is stolen....then your sercurity is as weak as Mariland....
by the way, why we can't see other citizen in this country? Is it really in the palace?

Photo 159

What are these three shots? Do the directors like 3 shots so much? just now Minor Trio also have 3 shots!

Aphrodite: I know that you all can't transfrom without fairy tones, so I asks Yumeno-san to borrow my melo.
SPC: E? (What kind of queen she is...asking character from other anime to help us...)
Aphrodite: My Melo, Please.
My Melo: Yes--!
SPC: When is she here?

Photo 208

My Melo: Melody Mark! Bacchiri, Nikkori, Sukkiri!

That's why we can see an instant henshin today. Oh! it is better than FPC!

SPC: My melo is amazing...we really can be Precure without the tones...

to go to that black forest, they have to go to this door...(why they don't run to the forest directly like FPC?)

You know..this kind of door like to suck people...Expectedly, SPC + Hammy + My melo are sucked.
Hammy: Hanya~...nyapu!
My melo: Yaaa~nn!

Photo 164

When they reach the forest, a video production like logo (the one appear before we watch VCD/DVD, I remember the name is called emotion...) appears in front of Melody!!

Photo 165

but the body....

My melo: It's cute!

Photo 166

It seems SPC are separated into different dimension..but from what I see, they just split into different coloured forest scenes...

Photo 167

This emotion monsters....even changing colour, it is still a monsters!

same as my melo, even changing her hood, she is still my melo.

Photo 168

Mephisto: Why I can see this rabbit again!? 

Photo 169

Then Mephishto tries to sell his headphone to SPC...It should be very painful, but Melody can use it as bluetooth handsfree...
Melody: Rhythm, can you hear me?

Rhythm: Melody?
Melody: Don't let other character to steal our spotlight again! Minor group...asking us to wear such ugly headphone...

Photo 210

Just a review, the scarist product in Precure series-Kowaina Mask!!

Photo 171

Therefore, Melody refuse this product, and break it into pieces!

Photo 172

This production logo become more muscular....like Bassdra...

Hammy and My melo become homage...

Hammy: Nya...pu...
Mymelo: Yaa~nn!

Photo 174

It's out! default phrase-I can't forgive you!!

Photo 176

Really thanks to a user in 2ch, he help me recalling this phrase creator-Minami Kotarou

Kotarou: unforgivable!!
in Kamen Rider Black, he will transform in front of the enemy afterwards.

Photo 175

So do SPC!!

Photo 177
Photo 178

Yes, the attack name is the same- Precure Passionato Harmony
They can transform in group, so does attack.

Photo 179

SPC: Crash clearly!!

Actually it is...

Photo 191

Kai: become the light----!!

Photo 180

Wow! going through the monster's body! It is more powerful than HCPC's ff, isn't it?

Harinezumi: Ha~i! SPC continues  climbing to the goal of the forest!

Photo 181

Melody: What's that light?

Dori: it is the key, dodo!

Photo 182

Melody: it is so heavy....

By the way, what is that devil like tune fork?

Photo 195

When are you here? Kuromi...
Kuromi: Hai~! you want to open that door? Let me help you! Open! The dream door!

Photo 183

That devil tune fork become the key of the door...Gacha!

Photo 184

New Toy! Melody Chest! (original name is Healing Chest)

Photo 204

My melo successfully collects a scale through SPC.

Photo 203

* Please imagine it is Melody Chest (Healing Chest)

Photo 185

That's why the chest can speak, because crescendo tone is inside.
Crescendo tone: Congrats for collecting all 8 notes. What kind of wish do you want to fulfil?

Photo 202

My melo: um...what kind of wish...
Hammy: Please cure all Fairy tones nya!
Crescendo tone: It put in order~!

Dori: Genki! Dodo!
(other tones are omitted)

Photo 197

In Major Land somewhere, there is a Koala Bear asking...
Koala Bear (kid): What is that?

Photo 187
Photo 196

What are you referring to, Koala Bear?
If you refer to left pic, it is super women + a cat flying on a piano way...
If you refer to right pic, it is a male Mary Poppin' + a noisy Minister..

Minister: Please choose me---! My melo---!

Next ep!

Photo 188
Photo 205

a sychronisation for Ellen and Kuromi...
so the staff really treat..

Hammy= My melo?

The question for next ep is: What other function(s) does Healing Chest have?

Photo 198

Can it give Baku sausages?

Photo 200

Giving My Melo more summon shuffle cards?

Photo 199

Can it even repair Hiiragi house? or....

Photo 201

asking Usamimi Kamen to give My melo chocolate to his brother?

Photo 189

Title: Wow! Healing Chest's mystery nya!

###########picture rhythm fine##########
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