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HCPC movie review

This is HCPC movie review. For those who haven’t watch this movie, please read it after watching the movie.

I am not going to repeat summarising the movie, as someone has done it, please refer to his/her post if you want to read the summary:

umi_mizuno gives four stars, but I just give 3.5 instead. Why? Let’s see the cons first:

1. This movie focuses on Olivier more than Precure

In other words, we are looking at precure in Olivier's POV, just like Syrup's view to Pc5. In 5GG, at least Pc5 try to understand him, but I can't see HCPC understand Olivier enough. This movie spend most of the time for describing Olivier's story that as if he is the hero of the movie. HCPC takes turn to interact with Olivier is resemble to PC5 takes turn to interact with Syrup...this is ok for TV series, but it is not good for movie, in my opinion. I know the director intend to make every cure having a chance with guest character, but all to one would be better as precure can solve problem as a GROUP. Due to this plot, it gives us more conversations, which are just the flashback of HCPC.

Not only the story, but also the fight focus on Olivier more. His is more excellent than Precure...

2. Olivier didn’t appear in the ending fashion show

This is a big problem, because HCPC asks Olivier to be the model for the fashion show, Erika even prepares clothes for him. However, what we see in the ending is Zetsubou II/Coupe! I really want to say "go away Coupe! I don't want to see you in the ending!"

3. Coupe

This mascot is disturbing this movie, I think. Without him, the movie still can go well. I can't figure out why they don't ask any Precure to save HCPC mascots...If the staff really want him to have a scene in the movie, just make him like Kaoruko. He may be the deliverer for HC Mirage...but I think HCPC could take along to France...Don't tell me that he fly 11 hours to France with HC Mirage...Also, the ending is not the stage for him...even though the staffs want to sell Ikemen..

4. Salamander and Cure Ange

I talk about Salamander first. Although he exploit Olivier's need of parent, he really treat Olivier as his child. He is not a totally bad guy...I see Olivier try his best to persuade Salamander, but Precure is not much...sometimes I feel HCPC is the villain instead...luckily he doesn't die at the end...Er...About the conflict to Dx3, the staff know it already but they can't help it because he is the only so-called villain in the movie (in fact, he is one of the main character to the guest character)

Cure Ange...I don't know why they have to create a new cure for sealing Salamander...they can use Kaoruko....but they don't want to use Cure Flower too much...Moonlight...I don't think she has the chance to France in the past, but they can ask Salamander to reach Japan in the past (he is on the journey, isn't he?)...This Cure Ange look like an holy Angel more than a cure... I don't think this character is necessary to appear in the movie (and she only appear for a few scenes..)

5. Look more like a tour show
I appreciate their research and detailed drawing of France, but from what HCPC do in the movie, I don't think they need France as the stage...It is the first series movie taking place in a real country...it is good to reflect the elements of the series-Flower and Fashion, but Tsubomi can't find a flower place...and I can't see any France related person (I mean main character, sub characters only have one or two scenes) interacting with HCPC...When others are finding Tsubomi, they show many France places, just for telling us they are in France.

The guest character-Olivier is not French, Salamander is not French as well (although he interprets his story using opera style). Therefore, actually this storyline can take place in any country, not necessary in France. Even it happen in Japan, it also makes sense, doesn't it? I think if it happen in Japan, they can avoid the conflict of "buying air ticket".

The conflict of "buying air ticket" is that France is unlike those parallel world in other precure movie...Precure can't go to France for free...In reality, if the fashion show needs a boutique owner for designing clothes, they just ask the owner to go....even they sponsor the family, it will be just for Erika family...not for Tsubomi, Itsuki and Yuri. Except Yuri, the other two doesn't have any problem for buying air ticket...Only one condition allow them to go to France for free-Lucky Draw, but it must be showed in the scene.

Also, even Yuri is in France, she doesn't have any action to find her father (since she tells Olivier about her father whereabouts, she know Dr. Tsugikage is in France)...she may not know which city her father in, but at least she should ask the police there...

6. The Miracle light
It seems not related to the movie, but it suddenly come out for power up precure...it is good that they didn't follow YPC5 trend in introducing the miracle light, but if they can't think a plot for miracle light, I would suggest make other things to substitute..


The only thing I feel it is fair is the fighting animation...Marine and Moonlight has better fight than Blossom and Sunshine. Blossom doesn't like the main heroine in the movie...she wait for Marine to take over the leadership, and then cast the attack together...Sunshine, again...Sunflower aegis, nothing new...Since Super Silhouette had been appeared in the TV series, their attack is nothing new...only showing the goddess appear in France...by the way, where are French police?Someone may ask why French can accept precure and that monster+mascots easily? The main reason is even French also know about Precure, don't you agree, ichikyo? Of course, that is joking. I think they are not ready to respond everything...they may just stand there with the mouth open...or run away immediately...

Another thing I notice in this movie is...I can't see group transformation...may be I miss watching the group one...but I am quite sure that I can't see dual transformation...I have to check it out....
After having some bitter tea, we should have some sweets now:

1. Excellent op and ed
They may become the best op and ed in the movie series. The op...they use the similar method as Saint October-bending the credits into the op scenes...this kind of op making is difficult, and they make it very well, in order to give us a better view of France.
The ending, without Coupe, it is even better, however, it is an entertaining ending overall.

2. Good presentation of the villains
Including those bat snackies, using Olivier's heart flower to make Desertrian, opera metaphor for presenting their past via Salamander and the relationship between Salamander and Olivier...watching these are more interesting than watching hcpc...Salamander become the first villain who completely escape from goddess punch(it seems the goddess doesn't punch him...

3. Good interaction between Tsubomi and Olivier

Although Tsubomi is very noisy in the movie (she seems always crying in the movie, this movie and Dx2...I don't know if she is the same in Dx3...), she manage to make friend with Olivier...including giving the name "Olivier", hugging him for comfort and their encounter...

4. Nice background drawing

From the background, we can see they did research a lot on France...the passer-bys also draw like French people... (you know some anime draw like Jap character even they are foreigner...)



I just know that stupendous like this movie so much...but this won't affect my opinion...

According to animation and background, it has very high movie quality. However, I am not only watching for the animation and background, but also the story. As mentioned above, this storyline can take place in any country, not necessary in France. You can compare it to these movie:

Card Captor Sakura 1st movie- a movie take place in HK
Gekiranger movie- also take place in HK
Some Conan movies, probably 6th and 7th, one is in UK, another one is in Kyoto.

The similarities for these movies are they take place in a specific country/city. Card Captor is easy, Shaoran is originally born in HK...Gekiranger...I can see the robot crawling IFC XDD...but there is one thing I have to correct those HK movie....Hk people won't wear Cheongsam in normal days...6th Conan movie make use of baker street, 7th make use of the streets in Kyoto...but I can't see HCPC use any of France feature bending into the story itself.

It is not a bad movie, however, I enjoy watching the villains more than HCPC...HCPC don't do much things in the movie, unlike other precures they go to the place, meeting the people there, having fun first before getting into the mainline. You may say HCPC is preparing Fashion show...but only Erika is actually working on it. Others just try the clothes and rehearsal (only a few scene), later they have nothing to do besides talking to Olivier...Olivier is the same...comparing to other precure movie...this is boring...The fighting is fine overall (I feel good for Marine and Moonlight, but average for Sunshine and Blossom), better than FPC, but not other previous series.

In conclusion, I still enjoy the movie, as DA centered, not as a precure movie. Its rank to me is the same as SS movie.
This is my ranking(exclude DX movie):

2. YPC5
3. MH2
4. MH1
5. HCPC and SS
6. FPC

P.S. because I don't have sub version, I don't want to capture the pictures from the portions of the iso file...also I didn't plan for pictures when I write this review...
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