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05 July 2012 @ 01:06 pm
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23 October 2016 @ 10:21 pm
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With VA you would like to have as Precure? I would love if M.A.O or Mika Kikuchi played Cures, they both are talented voice actresses, and it would make Super Sentai and Precure more tied in :) While Kikuchi-san plays Kana Katsuki in Mahou Precure, quite a few actresses played minor roles in previous series, to return as Cure :)
22 October 2016 @ 07:44 am
Rumor :

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18 October 2016 @ 09:48 pm
Before you ask, no. This is not my video and I did not make this video. I am just sharing this video made by an awesome Precure fan that talked about interesting aspects about the Precure franchise. This is the video about the "Sixth Ranger" Precure. Hope you all enjoy it, and also make sure you give your thanks to the maker of this video, and maybe subscribe and comment.

17 October 2016 @ 08:05 pm
No need to ask if you want to use them - just go for it.
Has been a while since I did icons before, isn't it?

Precure Icon Masterlist

Preview [175]

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16 October 2016 @ 11:43 am
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16 October 2016 @ 07:37 pm
Review is up!


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14 October 2016 @ 12:57 am
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Free For All Friday!
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I HAVE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE THIS AWESOMENESS. This is literally a dream come true for me as I have been waiting for this for eons! I still can't believe this is finally happening! (>.<)

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Since I allmost don't have time to stay on pc, I don't have the full single yet but I found the songs on youtube.
Btw, track 01 is pretty nice!
Track01: Kirameku Chikai

Track02: Futatsu no Negai:
10 October 2016 @ 09:40 pm
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09 October 2016 @ 10:18 am
[Click To Read]It has been for many months since Go Princess Precure has ended, and a long time for me to write this, so I would now like to give my final thoughts on the series.

Please remind that this I only just my own personal view and thoughts on the series, some of you may have different views or not agree to some points that I said in this journal, but feel free to give some comments or ideas.

I may not give my thoughts on some topics or points such as the fighting style, the Precures’ weapons, other supporting characters that I didn’t mention, etc. However, you can also ask me about the points that I didn’t write.

You can also read my previous thoughts and predictions during the time when the series was broadcasting by the following links:

Character Analysis with my thoughts
Theme of the Series
What should be included in the series?
Errors in the series
Music and Songs from the series
My Favorite scenes from the series
Additional thoughts apart from the series
Closing Thoughts

Pre-thoughts on Go Princess Precure before the series started broadcasting.
- The series takes place in a fictional kingdom where princesses are chosen to be Precures.
- Noble Academy was only a boarding school only for girls.
- Haruka might have an elder brother. (I will explain about this in the additional thoughts.)
- Dysdark was the queen or an ordinary citizen of Hope Kingdom before being brainwashed (similar to Mephisto from Suite) along with Close, Shut and Lock. (Actually, Lock is the only one who was a citizen of Hope Kingdom)

Characters Analysis with my thoughts
The Precures
Haruno Haruka:
- grew up in a warm-welcomed family
- dreaming of being a princess with the support of her family
- optimistic, cheerful, caring, happy-go-lucky
- hardworking, patient
- quick learner (ballet, violin)
My thoughts on Haruka:
Like I said from my early thoughts, Haruka’s personalities and appearances are mixed from previous Precure leaders, especially Nozomi, Miyuki and Mana. Although her outside personalities look enjoyable, clumsy and comical, she is a person who has a kind heart and wants to spread her happiness to other people which related to the type of Princess that she dreamed to be. She also takes things seriously especially during the Princess Lessons by Miss Shamour which at the end she finally accomplished. In other words, Haruka’s dream of being a princess is someone who is useful and has the characteristics of strong, kind and beautiful. In the epilogue as an adult, I think Haruka may inherit her family restaurant or may be a teacher at Noble Academy.

Kaido Minami:
- grew up in a wealthy and rich family
- didn’t know what she want to be, but she finally found out that she wants to be a marine vet.
- outside looks strict and serious but inside is caring and helping a lot (also fun)
- never experience other things that she hasn’t done in her life (eating donut, watermelon) because of growing up from a high society
- has changed herself a lot after befriends with Haruka
My thoughts on Minami:
Minami was someone who tried to make herself being respected by other people, but it seemed that she took it seriously under depression, but after meeting Haruka, her personalities has changed to her true identity as we saw in the series. She is actually some kind of a big sister who can give advises to other people, and also offers a hand when they need help. In other words, she is a friendly and generous person.

Amanogawa Kirara:
- grew up in a family with parents who are famous in entertainment industry
- aiming to be a world’s top model
- inspired by her mother to be a model
- keen on food (especially donuts)
- thinking and caring for other people and offer to help
- seems to be a person who likes to stay alone but actually not
My thoughts on Kirara:
Because of being an only child in the family, Kirara always looks up to her mother in order to become a model like her. Before entering at Noble Academy, it seemed that she had no friends due to her career which made other people misunderstand about her, especially her classmates. However, it turns out that Kirara actually wants to have friends who can understand her, especially Haruka who helped her during her audition for becoming Baurollo’s model in episode 5. Also, it shows that Kirara treats everyone as Close friend by calling them the nickname that she named. (Haru-Haru, Minamin, Towachi and Yui-Yui)

Akagi Towa:
- grew up in a royal family with love from her parents, elder brother and the citizens
- work hard to be Grand Princess
- excellent skills in violin playing
- having habits like have people do things for her in the past but finally learn to do things by herself
- easily adapts herself while staying in the human world
- learns from her mistakes in her past
- loves and looks up to her elder brother
My thoughts on Towa:
Being as Twilight, she was quite cruel, arrogant, judged things only their appearances and was proud of herself. After being saved by the Precures and her elder brother and return back to her real identity as Towa, she has changed a lot. Because of growing up in a royal family, it seems that Towa likes to have people do anything for her without doing by her own. However, after enrolling in Noble Academy, she has changed her personality from a serious and worried person into a joyful and active person with the help of her friends. Besides, she is also lucky to have Kanata as her elder brother who always loves her so much.

Overall thoughts on the Precures:
For me, the Go Princess Precure team is one of the most outstanding Precure teams since each of them has their own character development as the series progresses, and each of them has their own centric episodes which have a good story telling. Also, each of them had their outstanding and unique personalities.

- brave and protect other people in danger
- caring and kind to other people
- excellent skills in violin playing
- can adapt his life from a prince to an ordinary people
- loves his younger sister
My thoughts on Kanata:
Apart from being the crown prince of Hope Kingdom, Kanata is a young man who is gentle and kind to everyone, especially with Haruka. After rescuing Towa, his status was unknown until he was found by Nikishido. During his life as he spent his days in the human world as a person who has lost his memories, he tried to regain his memories with the help of Haruka and the others until he can finally remember who he is. In addition, not only being Towa’s elder brother, I think Kanata treats Haruka like another younger sister to him since Haruka’s words reminded him of Towa’s words of being a princess.

Nanase Yui:
- loves to read a lot
- offers to help other people
- good skills at drawing
- encourage people not to give up
My thoughts on Yui:
For me, Yui might be one of the best and most outstanding supporting characters of the Precure series. Not only appear in most episodes, she also assists people during the Precures fight with a Zetsuborg or the generals. Moreover, she played a big role in episode 48 where she encouraged all of the students in Noble Academy not to give up their dreams which impressed me.

The villain group: Dysdark
Key characters: Dyspear and Close
Minor characters: Shut, Lock, Twilight, Stop and Freeze
(I won’t give my thoughts on Twilight since she and Towa is the same person)

- born from people’s despair
- aim to make the world fall in darkness with despair
- lure Towa to come into the forest of despair in order to be Grand Princess for years
- finally be defeated by the Precures but transfers and merges her soul with Close
My thoughts on Dyspear:
She is a villain that acts cold and never gives up to anyone, and she also shows her dissatisfaction to her subordinates if they couldn’t do whatever she orders. In general, she is quite an outstanding villain because of her aim and her plans, but in the end, I was disappointed about her since the final battle between her and the Precures didn’t impressed me unlike in episode 39 during the battle with Close. (She only just let her vines and the dark spirits attack the Precures without moving herself.)

- born from Dyspear’s soul
- seemed to be a loser, hot-temper, aggressive and impatient at the beginning, but after his revival, he seems to be more patient, well-planned and more strict
- remains alive and leave the world to somewhere with Stop and Freeze
My thoughts on Close:
I would like to say that Close is an outstanding villain of the series although he didn’t appear in the mid of the series. For his appearance, I prefer his second one after his revival because of his outstanding costume. However, one thing that I would like to complain is “Where was Close after his first defeat by the Precures?” (I think other people beside me may doubt about this.) After he appeared again starting from episode 31 onwards (episode 29 as a form of a crow), it only showed that he revived himself by using the despair energy that Lock collected, and he spread the seeds of despair in Yumegahama by Dyspear’s orders. Because of this, there wasn’t any explanation or flashback about the status of Close after his first defeat. (such as where was he?, what was the conversation between him and Dyspear about spreading the seeds of despair?, did Dyspear warn or say something to him if he is defeated? ) If I could give some possible explanation about the status of Close, it would be something like this:
                After Close was defeated by the Precures, he remained alive and took his form as a crow to hide somewhere to recover himself. After that, while leaving Lock in charge of collecting despair energy due to her recovery, Dyspear appeared in front of him and gave him a mission to make Yumegahama town fall into despair by using the seeds of despair which were created by herself, and she also ordered Close to keep an eye on Lock if he betrayed her.

I remember that I predicted about Close’s return in my second thoughts since I had a feeling that Close would revive, but I won’t say it again (you can go back to look at my second thoughts about what I said).

One last thing that I would like to say about Close is that he never summoned any Zetsuborgs after his revival (but let Stop and Freeze do it) which made me feel a little disappointment.

- born from Dyspear’s soul
- admires Twilight so much
- trying to impress Dyspear but failed
- being looked down by other members
- finding the truth of beauty
- switch sides along with Lock to help the Precures
- decides to stay in the human world along with Lock
My thoughts on Shut:
After watching the series until the end, apart from being a villain, I see Shut as a sympathetic character who needs someone to talk to or be with (someone like Twilight). In addition, it seems that Shut is the least important member of Dysdark from the beginning until his final days as a member of Dysdark. However, I think Shut’s personality had some development change, especially in the final arc of the series such as learning from the Precures after the battle about the truth of “Strong, Kind and Beauty” and team up with the Precures along with Lock to defeat Dyspear in the final battle. In short, Shut is another outstanding character of the series.

Lock :
- born from Dyspear’s soul in a form of a hood jacket with the merge of a fairy named “Kuroro”
- intelligent, well-planned tactics and calm
- betrayed Dyspear and wanted to make the world into game world
- being defeated by the Precures and his soul was taken by Close
- being revived again by Dyspear and Close in order to use him as a puppet to buy time
- switched sides along with Shut to help the Precures
- decides to stay in the human world along with Shut in a form of a scarf
My thoughts on Lock:
For me, Lock might be the most intelligent villain of the group because of his tactics and plans such as collecting despair energy to make him grow into an adult form or stealing the Precures’ dressing up keys after the battle in episode 28. I predicted in my second thoughts that Lock may become the new leader of Dysdark, but it didn’t last so long due to the battle in his frog form with the Precures and his despair energy that he had collected was taken by Close. Because of this, I see Lock as a villain who might actually be used as a puppet or a decoy for Dysdark during the time when Dyspear was recovering herself and waiting for Close to revive back. To tell the truth, I prefer to see a fight or an argument between Lock and Close in order to see who is greater or more powerful than, but it could not happen since the series now has ended. I also wish that Lock would be a normal human boy (holding a video game console in his hands) instead of a scarf at the end of the series. (Because of his original form as a hood jacket, I think Lock couldn’t have enough powers to change himself into a human unless he uses someone body to merge with.)

Stop and Freeze:
- created by Close
- do whatever Close orders
- remain alive and leave the world along with Close
My thoughts on Stop and Freeze:
To be honest from my own view, Stop and Freeze are the villains that made me disappointed so much. Why? As you can see from their first appearance in episode 31, they were created by Close in order to do and obey what he says. After that in almost episodes (with the exception of Shut and episode 39), they only just appear in front of the Precures and summon Zetsuborgs, and once the battle ends, they say “We can’t stop the dream, Yes, we can’t……” like robots. Actually, I would like to see Stop and Freeze summon Zetsuborgs and fight with the Precures by their own way without Close’s orders which would be better and more interesting than what we saw in the series.

If some of you remember from my second thoughts, I listed some possible names for future members of Dysdark and two of the names that I listed were “Stop” and “Freeze” which finally became Close’s subordinates. Some of you may wonder “how I came up with these names?” Well, judging from the names of the three generals (Close, Shut and Lock), their names refer and relate about seizing and concealing. Also, their names are only one syllable, so I find and list a selection of words from dictionaries and chose the appropriate words for being the names for the future villains. That’s it.

Overall thoughts on the Dysdark:
To conclude, Dysdark has some strengths for having different types of each individual member’s personality (especially Close and Shut) and having a clear goal to make the world fall into despair, but Dysdark might not be the best for a villain group since the leader made me feel a little disappointed just like I said above, and the generals never team up to fight the Precures like previous generals from previous series. (I won’t include Stop and Freeze since they are Close’s subordinates, and they will do anything by Close’s orders.) You can see that Close has never been seen fighting together with Lock in the early of the series except in episode 48 where Close used him as a puppet. Also, we never see Close, Shut and Lock team up together to beat the Precures which could make the group as outstanding as previous villain groups if this had happened.

My thoughts on other characters
Puff and Aroma:
I would like to say that they are the best sibling fairies in the Precure franchise. Not only serving as the Precures’ fairies, they also take care and help each other all of the time. Even Aroma’s appearance is smaller than Puff’s, he tries to do his best to protect and take care of Puff as her elder brother just like she does.
Aihara Yuki:
Although he was the one who made fun of Haruka for being a princess, it actually turned out that he also cares and worries about her, especially in episode 47 where she revealed her true identity to everyone.

I was a little bit disappointed about her since she was another interesting character which made me want to know who she really is with more of her background story. However, these things didn’t happen in the series.

Mochizuki Yume:
After watching episode 18, I think Yume could be another character who can give more details about Noble Academy since she is the headmaster. However, she only just revealed her true identity to Haruka and the others in episode 23, and after that, she just make some small appearances until the end of the series.

The student council (Azuma Seira, Nishimine Ayaka, Imagawa Shu and Koshiba Naoto):
Although they made appearances in some episodes during the school activities, but to tell the truth, I think the writers need to put more attention on them, especially Shu and Naoto since they have some roles in a few episodes, and they weren’t included in episode 48 which might be a mistake. Also, all of them should be appearing in episode 37. (the stage play episode)

Ichijou Ranko:
Another outstanding character and Kirara’s rival, especially in episode 12 where she and Kirara participated for the sample of a new donut flavor which made the episode interesting. After that, she didn’t appear for many episodes (she was only seen with no speaking lines in some few episodes.) until the final arc of the series. I think the writers can make her appear in episode 37 as well as the student council.

Theme of the Series
Dreams, Human emotions and Sibling love
1. Dreams: Of course, the series showed and taught us about the importance of dreams, especially Haruka’s dream that made and changed her personalities a lot with the support of her friends, family and other people in her life. Also, dreams are endless, and people can succeed their dreams as long as they don’t lose hope and put all of their efforts on the dreams that they want to do or be. Dreams aren’t just only things that young people wish to be when they grow up, but they also include things that people wish for such as dreaming of seeing a concert or live performance of your favorite artists or dreaming of visiting beautiful places around the world. One example from the series that looks like a wish instead of a dream occurred in episode 27 where Yuki’s fan girls’ dream is to cheer on Yuki.

2. Human emotions: Some people may not agree with this, but I do agree. As we watch the series until the end, we usually hear about people who couldn’t make their dreams come true will fall into despair. For me, despair is not only used just for dreams, but it is a part of human emotions that we face in our everyday lives such as you might fall into despair when you lose something that is very precious to you, you might fall into despair when you made something mistake, or you might fall into despair when someone who is important to you has passed away. In other words, despair could be used when people have negative feelings after they feel unpleased for what they have done or have faced in each moment of their lives. There were also other despair moments from other characters beside Haruka such as Kanata – playing his violin with a sad face because of Towa’s absence (episode 19), Momoka – acting coldly towards Haruka since miss her elder sister so much (episode 14), Minami – hardly choosing between helping her family business or her own dream, Towa – feeling guilty for what she had done as Twilight (episode 23) and feeling sad for Kanata who couldn’t still remember who he is (episode 35), and Shut – angry and upset because of being looked down by other members of Dysdark which made him become self-centered (episode 46).

3. Sibling love: I mentioned about this from my second thoughts which is a hidden theme that many people don’t talk about this much. Similar to DokiDoki, Go Princess also show the audience about family love but heavily focuses on sibling love while DokiDoki focuses on parent-child love. As you can see except Kirara, all of the Precures have siblings: Haruka – Momoka (younger sister), Minami – Wataru (elder brother) and Towa – Kanata (elder brother). Besides the Precures, another sibling pair is Puff and Aroma which they can almost been seen together in almost episodes in the series. However, the most outstanding sibling pair in the series is Kanata and Towa since the storyline also featured about them and showed how strong their relationships are. Because of this, I think the series could show the audience about the importance of siblings by these points with some examples from the series: 1. Siblings may have some interests that they like to do together such as playing sports, travelling or eating out. (In the series, both Kanata and Towa love music and, and they play violin together.) 2. Siblings always care for each other. (Kanata worried about the disappearance of Towa and still kept searching for her, and Towa quickly rushed to hug Kanata after they met again in episode 35.) 3. Elder siblings always protect younger siblings when in danger. (In episode 26, Aroma tried to protect Puff from a Cicada Zetsuborg although he is smaller than her.) 4. Younger siblings like to admire and look up to their elder siblings. (Minami wants to be a person who is useful and respective like Wataru.)

What should be included in the series?
By Topics
- The story background of Noble Academy:
Since in episode 10, Shirogane mentions only about the windmill house where students who are graduated place their tiles with their dreams written on the wall. However, other information about Noble Academy haven’t been mentioned again until the end of the series such as:
- What is Yume’s aim to founded Noble Academy?
- Did Yume founded the school by herself or founded with the help of other people?
- Why Shirogane was chosen to be housekeeper of the school?

Some people may think that this issue may not be important to the story, but for me, I think it is another essential to the series since the series’ theme is dreams, and the school is a boarding school which is different from other schools from previous series that could make the series more interesting and unique. Other things that could be included about Noble Academy such as 1. flashbacks of notable students who graduated like Shirogane, Minami’s elder brother or Kirara’s mother 2. How Minami was chosen to be the student president of the school along with the student council 3. The boys dormitory

- Yui’s parents:
Nothing to say much about them, but I think the writers should at least reveal Yui’s father’s face when Yui was young. (Episode 18)

By episodes
Episode 19: I think the treasure hunt competition should include both female and male students since this activity could make all of the students know more about each other (apart from the Noble party). Also, Ranko should be included in the treasure hunt.

Episode 22: In the scene where Dyspear uses her vines to slap Towa to fall down from the vines of despair, and Towa drops Kanata’s violin, I think the writers should also focus and make Kanata’s violin be broken to make the scene more emotional and dramatic, since, however, Kanata’s violin will later become the Scarlet Violin after Towa’s first transformation.

Episode 35: I think Towa should play the melody that Kanata always plays on her violin apart from her own melody which could give a little hint to Kanata. Also, since Haruka was there, I think she should bring her own violin and join with Towa to play the duet in front of Kanata like they did in episode 22 which would make more sense because when Kanata hears these melodies combining into a single song, he might have a feeling like he has ever heard this song before. After that, Towa or Miss Shamour may explain the origin of this song to Kanata although he couldn’t still recall his memories in this episode.

Episode 38: When Close disguised himself as a Noble Academy student, he should have his ears covered by his hair since his ears are elf-like ears which differ from normal people in order not to be suspicious by the Precures, especially Towa.

Episode 50: These following scenes should be including:
- Students who are graduating place their tiles with their dreams written on the wall in the windmill house in the rose garden, including Minami, Kirara and Towa since they are about to leave from Noble Academy.
- Kanata should have joined having tea with the girls before departing back (I don’t know if he has tried to eat any Marble donuts.), and I think he could have his final talk with Haruka after the girls finish saying goodbye at Noble Academy instead of the hill where he and Haruka first met.

Errors in the series
Haruka’s clothes in episode 8:
In a scene where Minami and Kirara are fighting with an oven Zetsuborg, Haruka just arrives in the fight with her student uniform instead of wearing her sport attire while making her dress at the same time which made me suspicious.

Puff and Aroma’s ears appearance in their human forms:
One thing that I was suspicious in the last episode of the series is Puff and Aroma’s ears in their human form. As you can see, in episode 50 their ear shapes look elf-like (just like Kanata and Towa), but back in episode 15, their ear shapes look like normal human ears which might look like an error. So the question is “What do Puff and Aroma’s ear shapes look like?”, but judging from my own thoughts, they may have elf-like ears since they came from Hope Kingdom where all citizens have elf-like ears.

Music and Songs from the series
The series is also good for its music score (or background music) which was composed by Takaki Hiroshi. The most two outstanding music pieces are the transformation of the Precures (with some lyrics which you have to listen carefully that you can find them in the booklet of the second original soundtrack CD) and the duet between Kanata and Towa which the melody is also included in the song “Strings” sung by both of them. (I think this song should have the violin version too apart from what we heard in episode 22 and 40.)  For my other favorite music pieces in the scenes of each episode are Kirara’s fashion show (Episode 4), Haruka’s arrival at Noble Academy (Episode 1), Towa asking Kanata if she can call him brother (Episode 35), and the final scene where everyone set down for their own paths (Episode 50).

For the songs in the series, I think it is the best for having Isobe Karin and Kitagawa Rie to do the opening and the ending themes of the series and also other songs from the vocal albums. For me, my favorite songs are the second ending theme (Dreams are the path to future), Dream Garden (vocal album 1), Proof of life –Dreaming Heart- (vocal album 1), and To the world of dreams (vocal album 2). For other songs that are sung by the characters in the series that are my favorites are Dreamin’ Bloomin’ (vocal album 1), Brave Ripple (vocal album 2), Showtime, Dressup (vocal album 2), and Strings (vocal album 2).

I also like the song “Conditions of being a princess” which was played in episode 39. The style of the song is quite similar to “HEART GOES ON” from Heartcatch, but comparing these two songs, I prefer “HEART GOES ON”.

However, the greatest thing that I would like to say in this topic is that I had a chance to attend a Go Princess Precure Mini Live Event that was held at Lalaport Toyosu in Tokyo on November 8 last year. Of course, I was able to meet both Karin and Rie (Karin is younger than me while Rie is in the same age as mine.) during the hand-shaking session and listen to the full version of the opening and second ending theme that they sang in front of me and other children who came with their parents.
You can read more about the event that I wrote here: http://precure.livejournal.com/2957383.html

My favorite scenes from the series
1. The battle between the Precures and Close (Episode 39)
2. The final scene where everyone takes their own path to follow their own dreams (Episode 50)
3. The battle between the Precures and Lock (Episode 30)
4. Shut’s words to the Precures for being looked down (Episode 46)
5. Kanata playing his violin to make Towa return back to normal (Episode 21)
6. Puff and Aroma helping to catch the Cicada Zetsuborg (Episode 26)
7. Haruka, Minami and Kirara having tea with the previous princess precures (Episode 29)
8. Towa quickly rushes to hug Kanata who has lost his memories (Episode 35)
9. Yui tries to encourage everyone who are trapped in the cages of despair not to forget their dreams (Episode 48)
10. The final battle between Haruka and Close (Episode 50)

Additional thoughts apart from the series
Yui’s number of episode appearances
It is include in my every thoughts and predictions, so I will say this for one more time, let’s take a look at the table for the episode appearances of Yui along with previous characters:

According to the table, from all episodes (100%) of each series, Seiji appears 36 episodes (73.47%), Kaoruko appears 27 episodes (55.10%), Regina appears 25 episodes (51.02%), Joe appears 19 episodes (38.78%), and Yui appears 44 episodes (88%)

Without any doubt, Yui holds the most number of episode appearances among the five supporting characters, and I think she will hold this record for a long time unless some supporting characters from future Precure series could make the number of episodes appearances more than her.

Possible Media Adaptation
I think the producers could make these media adaptations for the people who love Go Princess Precure after the series ended.
- Light Novel: The story takes place when all of the Precures are adult and have a reunion.
- Original Video Animation or OVA (It could hardly happen): Sidelines within the story such as Minami and her student council life, Kanata and Towa’s memorable days in Hope Kingdom before under attack, Kirara’s past school life, Yui’s background and her drawing hobby, and Haruka and her family restaurant.

Haruka having an elder brother???
First of all, I would like to say that this point doesn’t relate to anything of the series (because I didn’t expect that the series will also include about sibling love), and it was only just my personal thoughts. As you can see, since the start of the Precure series in 2004, there hasn’t been any Precure leaders who has an elder sibling (Nagisa: younger brother, Saki: younger sister, Nozomi: only child, Love: only child, Tsubomi: younger sister, Hibiki: only child, Miyuki: only child, Mana: only child, Megumi: only child, Haruka: younger sister and Mirai: only child). Because of this, I was thinking at that time like “would it be great if Haruka has an elder sibling?” like an elder brother who is ten years older than her or more than, and he also knows that she is a Precure (similar to Seiji from HappinessCharge). The reason that I thought about this is because it would be interesting to make the lead Precure have an elder brother who can take care of her, protect her, give some advices to her or even being involved in the final battle which could make the series more interesting to watch. Although this didn’t happen to Haruka or Mirai, but I hope that the producers may pick up this idea for using in other upcoming Precure series in the future.

Does the number of episodes indicate the quality of the series???
According to many comments that I read from various sites, some people said that Go Princess Precure is great and the best season because the number of episodes which made the story clear and intense which is 50. However, I don’t agree with this since some Precure series are also one of the best in the franchise such as Heartcatch and DokiDoki (from my opinion).

In average, the number of episodes in each Precure series lasts around 48 to 49 episodes (excluding the weeks that are not on air in some weeks). However, there are only two Precure series (as of now) that have 50 episodes which are Fresh and Go Princess.
I think some of you may know what I’m going to say, so I will say by the following:

The reason why Go Princess Precure has 50 episodes is not the writers and producers set the series to have 50 episodes, but because of the number of dates in each month that fall on Sunday, in other words, Go Princess Precure started broadcasting on a Sunday that falls on February 1, and ended on a Sunday that falls on January 31. If you still don’t understand what I say, take a look at this table.

As you can see, this table shows the first and last broadcasting date of each Precure series (including future Precure series). In general, each Precure series usually starts broadcasting on the first Sunday of February and ends on the last Sunday of January next year. This broadcasting pattern has been used from the start of Ojamajo Doremi Series in 1999 (all of you may know this famous Anime), including the first series, Sharp, Motto and Dokkan (Naisho wasn’t included since it was an Original Video Animation or OVA released in 2004). After four series of Ojamajo Doremi, an anime which the story sets in the 1900s called “Ashita No Nadja” took the timeslot airing from February 2, 2003 to January 25, 2004 which was the last single series before the Precure series took the timeslot in February 2004.

Now, let’s come back to the point. If you notice the boxes that are colored in green, it means these Precure series have 50 episodes each (excluding the weeks that are not on air by judging from previous series like I told before) which are Fresh, Go Princess, 17th, 23rd, 29th and 34th Precure series (if the producers still want to make more Precure series in the future). What’s more, these Precure series start broadcasting on a Sunday that falls on February 1 and ends on January 31 in the next year (some series have some exceptions such as 17th Precure series which starts on February 2 and 29th Precure series which ends on January 30 due to a leap year). Therefore, it might be lucky for these Precure series that will have their first broadcast on February 1. At least, the writers can have plenty of time to expand the final arc of the series.

In short, I think the number of episodes doesn’t matter much to the series, but it could be an advantage for giving more details of the story in the series.

Closing Thoughts:
In conclusion, Go Princess Precure has a great storyline with outstanding characters with some developments on each of them, while the themes of the series have some relations in our everyday lives. I also like the designs of the characters (which are done by Nakatani Yukiko) and the background music and songs of the series. The only cons of the series are the villains and some details of the story in some episodes (that should have been included as I suggest above).

Besides, I would like to conclude about what the series has taught us by the followings:
1. Dream is another important part in our lives which make and shape them what they want to be, and to make the dream come true, we must put all of the effort to achieve it and never give up.
2. In our everyday lives, we always encounter many things that happen. Some of them may make us happy and brighten our lives, and some of them may make us sad and disappointed which lead to despair.
3. Despair can make us stronger and make us overcome and stand up during difficult times in our lives.
4. Siblings are one of the most important people in our lives, because they are the people who almost know everything about you, protecting, helping and caring about you, and the most important is they love you.

For my score on Go Princess Precure, I would like to give 8 out of 10 (the same score that I gave for DokiDoki). Lastly, I won’t say that Go Princess Precure is the best Precure series, but I would say that Go Princess Precure is one of the best Precure series of all time (along with my other two Precures series: Heartcatch and DokiDoki).

And that’s it for my final thoughts on Go Princess Precure.

PA1990, October 9, 2016