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05 July 2012 @ 01:06 pm
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Gokigenyo Everyone! How are you?

In a recent post I wrote my thoughts about a 5th cure in the team, but after watching this new episode I think I was wrong: Yui-chan will not be a a PriPrecure, and there will not be a new warrior in the team.

In the new opening we can see that the Golden (power up) key separates into 17 Dress Up Keys, not 12 as usual.

I think that 4 of the 5 new keys are the Scarlet DUK (Henshin Scarlet, Elegant Hanabi, Miracle Phoenix, Royal(?) Sun). What about the 17th key? Of course it's not the Golden one we see in the opening, because it's formed by all of the 17 keys... So I think that it might be the "Legendary" Key that will appear in Episode 30!

I think that the Royal Dress Up Key Set will be used to perform single attacks and to change form, while they'll need this Legandary Key to perform the new group attack (Royal Majesty?) along with the Princess Palace!

So... there will not be keys for another cure, right? We'll wait and see... I think that in Episode 28 they'll get the Royal set, in episode 29 this Legendary key, and in the episode 30 they'll obtain Princess Palace! But... who do you think the "mysterious girl" is in episode 29?

Obviously theese are just fan speculations! Feel free to disagree and let me know your thoughts and predictions on the second-half of this season!

As usual please forgive me for my bad english... I'm Italian >.< (I need to improve! lol)

I wanna leave you with a little Poll! Who's your fav Princess Pretty Cure?

Favourite Princess Pretty Cure so far?

Our blooming Haruka aka Cure Flora
Our waving Minami aka Cure Mermaid
Our sparkling Kirara aka Cure Twinkle
Our princess-y Towa aka Cure Scarlet
02 August 2015 @ 09:08 pm
Gokigenyou! Review is up!


Feel free to post comments here or on my blog! Enjoy!

The results are out for the favourite Yellow Precure! It was a close fight but here are our top three yellow cures!

Coming in third is the youngest member in Precure history-Ako/Cure Muse. Despite only developing her character in the second half of Suite Precure, she is a lovable girl with a wonderful family and friends!

In second place is Kirara/Cure Twinkle who like Cure Flora is a rookie Precure that has earned quite a fanbase with her carefree attitude and fashionable looks. Can't wait to see how she fared in the second half of the series!

Finally in first place is Yayoi/Cure Peace from Smile Precure! The most fun going yellow cures with her love of manga and cute personaility which you want to hug her! You can never forget how she always like to play Rock, Paper and Scissors each time she transformed! Congrats, Yayoi/Cure Peace!

Next poll is a bit special as it is all the remaining colors cures since it is not fair to put just Cure Mint and Cure March alone as such all the remaining colors cures including Shining Luminous and Milky Rose are in this poll. Deadline is next Sunday morning!
[Spoiler (click to open)]Go! Go! Go! Our beloved royal fighters! Princess PreCure! The pun always used on Go (already seen on Yes! Pretty Cure 5) has been given us a tickle about its implications on the series. Since Scarlet was unveiled so soon, we are going to get a new member? All the cards are decked on our Yui, which seems to be a crucial plot on the following episodes.

Everyone gives her dreams, fantasy and even animals (in parallel to Flora) as motif. They have made their expectations, so here are mine's...

Pretty Cure! Princess Engage!
Princess of Combined Seven Colors! Cure Rainbow!


1. The story of Princess Hase

2. Iris (Greek mythology)

In the ending the lyrics explain...
ドレスで 羽ばたけ 虹の空へ, doresu de habatake niji no sora e
(With your dress, soar into the rainbow sky)

As they did the same with Scarlet.
闇灯す炎みたい 热い想い リボンにして, yami tomosu honoo mitai atsui omoi ribon ni shite
(A ribbon with hot feelings, like a flame who lights darkness)


In a seven-colored rainbow, we have that green is the middle and neutral color: it is the result of a warm color (yellow) and a cold one (cyan/blue).

Given that the following color patterns are already used, only green is the most correct choice.
In web colors and depending on the adding of red or blue, the opposite of green becomes magenta/pink or purple, matching hers with Flora.

Also, it seems to be her key color, as is not being used by the protagonists (except Towa).
Opening: her background at 1:00.
Episode 9: her ball gown is green and yellow.
Overall: her normal clothings range from teal to green.
Her pyjama is apple-green and yellow-colored.

On Eastern parts, users seem to favour her as a Purple-themed, but on Western parts they prefer Green.


In civilian form, her hair would become a shade of green/purple, preferably a emerald or violet hue.

And her eyes are maroon, which would become pink in her alter-ego, forming a contrast between hers and Haruka/Flora's (pink and green/purple outfit, green and pink eyes).


In almost every heroine, its surname and/or name has a poetic meaning, mostly related to her Cure title. In Go! Princess we have:

春野 ("spring field") and はるか ("spring flower" or "far away")
海藤 ("ocean wisteria") and みなみ ("beautiful wave")
天ノ川 (Milky Way) and きらら ("isinglass" or onomatopoeia for "twinkle")
赤城 ("red castle") and トワ (eternity)

For our subject, we have:
七 (なな) seven, hepta-
瀬 (せ) shoal, rapids, shallows

ゆい has various combinations to give this pronunciation. The most common is 結 (ゆ.う) which means "tie;  bind;  contract;  join;  organize;  do up hair;  fasten", also being a pun on her hairstyle (although braid is 真田紐, samadahimo).

The possible combinations are:

優, "tenderness; excel; surpass; actor; superiority; gentleness"
惟, "consider; think; reflect"
愉, "pleasure; happy; rejoice"

佑, "help; assist"
宥, "soothe; calm; pacify"
幸, "happiness; blessing; fortune"
弓, "bow; bow (archery, violin)"
心, "heart; mind; spirit; heart radical (no. 61)"
悠, "permanence; distant; long time; leisure"
憂, "melancholy; grieve; lament; be anxious; sad; unhappy"
有, "possess; have; exist; happen; occur; approx"

伊, "Italy; that one"
依, "reliant; depend on; consequently; therefore; due to"
唯, "solely; only; merely; simply"
泉, "spring; fountain"
維, "fiber; tie; rope"
衣, "garment; clothes; dressing"
以, "by means of; because; in view of; compared with"
偉, "admirable; greatness; remarkable; conceited; famous; excellent"
姫, "princess"
彩, "coloring; paint; makeup"
育, "bring up; grow up; raise; rear"

Anyone of the symbols reflect her personality, background and possible future.

If we join her name, we would get "fastening the seven streams/rapids", one for each of the colors of the rainbow. Her surname being a subject for her name may hint and confirm this theme.


1) Flora and Twinkle
- Wrist-length gloves, with frilly endings.
- Straight or triangular cleavage.
- Details from top's sternal line to waistband.
- Distinct types of sleeves, shoewear and necklaces.
- Belt/waist ribbon.
- Famous "sheep skirt".
- Distinct petticoat, with a back bow/loose strands.
- Modé Elegant is based on ballgowns.

2) Mermaid and Scarlet
- Distinct types of armwear, shoes and Modé Elegant skirts.
- Wing-like sleeves.
- Loose piece of cloth, resembling their motif.
- Bell-type pleated skirt on Normal Mode.
- Piece of cloth acting as a petticoat, making it three bottom layers.
- Upper torso is not visible (diaphragm to shoulders).
- Bare midriff (Mermaid) or covered with an accessory (Scarlet).
- Belt, based on their motif.

I think that her Outfit would be a combination of Flora/Twinkle in Normal Mode, and Mermaid/Scarlet in Modé Elegant.


I would name the rumoured book transformation item as Fairy, Fantasy, Prism or Imagine Diary. Her main weapon would be a Crystal Princess Rod.

Her element would be Air, as Earth (Flora), Water (Mermaid), Light (Twinkle) and Fire (Scarlet).

Before Haru no Carnival, I was thinking that her main finisher would be Rainbow Tornado, but as that has been used, the new would be Rainbow Arrow (taking a pun between bow and arrow).


As each of the Cures' Keys represent the other members, I created a new set for the first four, to represent her.

Fantasy Dress-Up Keys
- Lotus (Cure Flora): Lotus Tourbillon
- Rain (Cure Mermaid): Storm Ripple
- Aurora (Cure Twinkle): Shine Humming
- Flame (Cure Scarlet): Scarlet Blaze

Finally, I noticed that my first post was somewhat ignored. Instead of publishing your more complex ideas you people only posted what everybody is speculating. Be more creative and do not be afraid to tell what you want. I also request a critic if you feel like. Farewell.
31 July 2015 @ 02:24 pm

Primary: 755 000 000 (1.66 + 1.34 + 2.27 + 2.28)
MH: 12.33億(3.86 + 3.33 + 3.15 + 1.99)
SS: 7.34億(3.06 + 1.66 + 1.25 + 1.37)
YP5: 897 million (1.89 + 2.05 + 2.48 + 2.55)
5GO: 10.03億(3.43 + 2.16 + 2.04 + 2.40)
Fresh: 1.101 billion (3.04 + 2.48 + 2.65 + 2.84)
Heartcatch: 1.268 billion (3.98 + 3.18 + 2.68 + 2.84)
Suite: 1.109 billion (3.82 + 2.07 + 2.18 + 3.02)
Smile: 1.058 billion (3.19 + 2.40 + 2.53 + 2.46)
Doki: 991 000 000 (3.22 + 1.92 + 2.17 + 2.60)
Happiness: 852 000 000 (3.08 + 1.79 + 1.69 + 1 .96)
Go Puri: billion ( 2.15 + 1.24) ←

Now, is there something I'm missing here.
31 July 2015 @ 02:50 am

(Source: Pixiv)
Free For All Friday!
Read the rules!Collapse )
28 July 2015 @ 08:58 pm
Like the Precure Memory one I made last year, hope you enjoy

Read more...Collapse )
27 July 2015 @ 11:11 am
I know it takes time so sub an entire movie but does anybody know where to find a english sub and please no torrets.
27 July 2015 @ 02:10 pm
Hi guys!! This is my first post here :3

I was watching the new transformation group, and I don't know why... But I feel like there is space for another cure.. What about Nanase Yui? I think she totally deserves to be a cure, that would be amazing :D

+ there is a rumorred book-like item, with a lock on it like a diary, and I think it might be a great transformation device for her... Well theese are just my hopes and some rumours I read on the net.

Maybe she will have just 1 or 2 Dress up keys, being a "special" warrior like Shiny Luminous and Milky Rose. Let me know what you think about it! :)

PS: sorry for my bad english... I'm italian ^^
26 July 2015 @ 10:38 pm
Gokigenyou! Review is up!


Feel free to post comments here or on my blog! Enjoy!

The result is out for on the favourite White/Blue Precures! Thanks to everyone who voted despite some setbacks!

Coming in third place, we have four cures tied! Cure White, Cure Egret, Cure Beat and Cure Beauty! Each one of them have their own styles which make them favourites!

Coming in second place, it is a tie between Cure Diamond and Cure Mermaid! Cure Diamond is the friend you want to have and Cure Mermaid is the elder sister you want to have!

Finally in first place and from Heartcatch Precure (Again!) it is Cure Marina! Everyone's favourite fun loving blue cure who know how to set the mood and her previous appearances in the All Star movies have proved she is a great show stopper!

Now we come to the favourite colors of the cures-Yellow! This is going to be interesting since the yellow cures has the best development among all the secondary cures! Vote now for your favourite Yellow cures!
[Spoiler (click to open)]Greetings to everyone, my username is micomico. I have been an asiduous reader and fanatic of Pretty Cure. I have many suppositions and fact interpretations about the franchise, and across the time I would want to share them with you. Let start this post now.

Go! Princess Precure

In subtractive color theory, the main three colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) form the key one (Black), which would easily represent the main three plus Twilight/Scarlet.

If I recall, the Gate of Dreams will open with the only 12 but they are increasing up to 16, thus creating a small plot hole. They are the following ones:

My predictions for their Premium attacks would be...

[Spoiler (click to open)]Flora: Cerisier Tourbillon
Mermaid: Reef or Tropic Ripple
Twinkle: Cosmos/Cosmic Humming
Scarlet: Scarlet Flare or Burning

Group technique (Royal Majesty rumor)

There is a rumor around that a Hope Kingdom castle replica, who also serves as a musical box, is the current "cheat code" item.

First of all, the "masculine and technological" counterpart, Goukai Galleon Buster.

* A pirate ship cannon-shaped weapon, it is used when the five members use their respective Ranger Keys.
* It fires its special technique, Rising Strike, a symbol-shaped energy blast, who is colored acording to the main operator.
* Depending on the keys used, the attack name and configuration changes:
a. Rider OOO: Tajadol Charge (announcement)
b. Metal Heroes: Special Metallic Charge (announcement) and Metallic Strike (Finisher)
* It requires all of the Ranger and Special keys (respective color) to perform the attack.

Here is a video which explains more properly the toy qualities.

I imagine that the keys are inserted around the towers or walls of the "castle", then the main operator recites the technique. And the transformation hall scene has something related with that.

If a square-like structure is used, I think that this would be how they get inserted.

The image I made forms an almost perfect CMY mix triangle, with the addition of red.

Twilight/Black Princess

As Twilight, Towa had three corrupted Dress-Up Keys: red, purple and blue. By looking at their motifs...

The red (smooth cover and black wings on top) represents Phoenix.
The purple (smooth cover with sparks paintings and a fan on top) represents Fireworks (Hanabi).
But the blue one (jewel-like cover with a butterfly on top), what would represent, Transformation (Henshin) or Sun?

Take in mind that they were used by description order, so...

By being given and using the red one first, that is why Phoenix Blaze is her main Finisher instead of Scarlet Flame (besides the name of the second being leaked long time ago).
If the blue one would represent Sun, that would mean that her Transformation one was formed spontaneously (but that would be somewhat nonsense).

Capsule-toy and other Keys known

Aroma and Puff

Puff (Heart)

Puff (Teacup)

Princess Perfume

Primavera (All-Stars)

"Golden Dress"

Currently, the last one has been expected to unlock a super mode, but looking at its design, it can be a very-dreaded Cure Flora-only final episode upgrade. Let us fear now, Touei....


Here I leave some Twitter user pictures, who imagined and painted All-Stars Keys. They look very ingenious, altough missing Windy and Bright.

I do not own any of the pictures.

Questions & other notes

* Why Scarlet has being given secondary skills (Scarlet Illusion), but none to the other members?
* And why her skills are recited with her title, but the other members have to use the suffix of their first Finisher?
* Also, it seems that the Firework and Sun order is reverted, because the first has its name writen on Japanese, along with the Premium Keys.

Thus far, there will be 16 and even more, if the diary and extra Keys rumor comes to be true.

I would like to read the thoughts of all members. Farewell.
25 July 2015 @ 03:03 pm

Hey people! Do you remember my last post where I said I was making a new fanfiction to replace the older one that I've done?

Well, if you do, here's chapter 1 of Deep Space Pretty Cure!

Tell me if I should continue or stop for respect of the REAL fanfiction writers.


PS: In case you're wondering, the Pretty Cure will appear only on Chapter 3.
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